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Queen In Hyun’s Man: The End

The final episode has aired and English subs have also been uploaded. At episode 14, Viewers were allowed to sigh a breathe of relief, but too early was our breathe taken away again as we learn that love does not come easy. And did Bung Do think Fate was always on his side till it was too late. We learn (again) that Fate can be a bitch (a bit on the vicious side too).

The most evident proof of that has got to be when we see Bung Do queuing to buy cotton candy for himself and his beloved when he disappears without any warning. Even though he managed to come back to the present, Fate makes fun of them (or him) by allowing him to stand infront of Hui Jin only to throw him back into the past just when he was about to reach her.

Yoo In Na showed really good emotions in expressing her pain (improvement of the same situation already), she looked so confused and fragile, my heart goes out to her. We’ve seen her acting in similar bubbly characters like Secret Garden and High Kick, but in this drama, she showed off another side of her.

And just like how miraculous a talisman could send Bung Do to the present, her calling his hand phone acted as the portal for him to return to the present without the talisman. Somehow, I always knew that phone had a higher purpose than just receiving and making calls.

Frankly saying, most of us would have been happy with episode 14 as the end because the show already gave us enough to satisfy us, even if the talisman’s curse wasn’t going to touched upon I think we would have been happy. However, the script writers and crew weren’t going to allow us just to be happy that easily because they wanted to tie all loose ends, and we appreciate that. The explanation that the talisman couldn’t work anymore after Yun Wol died was a very good one because throughout the show, we were constantly reminded that the talisman’s mechanism functions on her sincerity. Even though it was sad to see her go, we were presented with a clear and satisfactory way of ‘killing’ the talisman, because there were probably a lot of lame ways it could ‘die’.

tvN has shown the other bigger broadcast stations how good they can be when they want to, because this drama has surely beat out a lot of the bigger broadcast channels’ drama. Not only have they used the advertisement breaks to their advantage, but the casting and directing of the show was done almost flawlessly, we couldn’t ask for more. Compared to Rooftop Prince, i have to admit that i enjoyed this show a bit more because there were never boring times.


P.S: I did cringe a bit at Ji Hyun Woo’s recent confession outbreak.


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