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f(x): comes back to electrify us with ‘Electric Shock’


f(x) has been one of those groups that i followed (just barely) just because they were from SM. Sure, i’ve heard all of their singles and i can name you most of those singles, but if you to ask me to sing one of them, i’ll be at a loss. One year back, i might have at least remembered ‘Nu Abo’s super addictive chorus and even be able to sing along. To me, ‘Nu Abo’ was the gunshot before the marathon to success started. The girls (and SM) obviously got a lot of things right with this song because the song really got stuck in a lot of people’s head, whether the lyrics really made sense or not. Sadly, problems chose the wrong timing to appear for the group, and what could have been more, stayed stagnant, and the girls as f(x) seemed to disappear while it was more like they were girls under SM. Thankfully, Victoria joined WGM, making sure that even though f(x) as an idol group wasn’t all that present, a part of them remained a large part of the korean entertainment industry because we all know how famous WGM is.

f(x) might not have been in the spotlight for a pretty long time (in kpop world terms), but the girls have long established their image (street-styled, fierce but with the feminine) and though some may say they were a bit lost in their music, you can’t deny that f(x)’s music is a style like no other girl group (their style of music is probably most in key with Shinee, seeing as they were debut with the concept of a girl group version of Shinee, it’s understandable. It’s not like any other girl groups does that kind of style currently)

Track list

1. Electric shock

2. Jet

3. Zig zag

4. Beautiful stranger (Amber, Krystal and Luna)

5. Love hate

6. Let’s try

Electric shock

(check out the individual review with the MV which will be posted later on, just because I want to do it with the MV)


At first the song seems like it’s heading in the ‘Lucifer’ direction with it’s electronic monotone style of singing. Then the song transitions to a cute pre-chorus and finally to a powderpuff sounding chorus. Throughout the song, we are transported between ‘Lucifer’ and something out of a cartoon. My first listen tells me this song is a mess of bits weaves together to form a song. Though after a few listens, I hear some of cohesion (even with the sudden outbreak of Arabic music). So now I’m not sure if I can call this song unique or just trash as it balances on the fence on one leg.

Zig zag

My first impression of this song was only slightly better than the first song. This song recycles the same ‘Lucifer’ feel but goes through with it all the way instead, (it also borders on sounding like ‘machine’ by exo, typical SM) yet I don’t know why, this song uses the se Arabic feel at the end again ( now you’re just asking me to roll my eyes).

Beautiful stranger

Now this is what I call an original song for a SM band. For one, credit has to be given to this song for not sounding like any other song SM might have recycled from another group. The basis of this song runs along the electronic melody created by repeating each note twice to create the riff we hear throughout the song. It starts with Amber’s rap and shows off her English skills though her rap is not the best, I soon overlook it when the singing starts. This song combines electronic music with rock beats creating a very attractive genre. It’s a waste that only 3 members were featured in this song so there is almost no chance of this song being performed live (unless at their concerts anyway).

Love Hate

This is a more girly song compared to the rest. The chorus is has definitely got cheerleading all over it. The song probably feeds on the girls’ youth. The arrangement of this song is decent though as usual, I’m not a fan of aegyo.

Let’s try

This is a mid tempo song which keeps one rolling along to the beat. The song has a lazy feel to it making it rather relaxing and the pace makes it a nice change from the faster previous tracks.

Overall, the songs in this mini album has the girls showing off a more mature side, even though their fashion style and concept is pretty similar to their previous styles. This album has its strong and Weak points which balance out each other making it a decent album. On a side note, their album cover does portray them in a more mature if not artsy way.


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