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Cross Gene: ‘Timeless Begins’ here

Cross Gene recently debuted into the kpop music scene, though their first mini-album is not perfect, there is a surprise at the end of the album worth being patient for.

Track list

1. One way love

2. Sky high

3. For this love

4. La-di da-d9

5. My lady

6. La-di da-di (inst.)


One way love:

Every thing about the music screams clubbing music. Clubbing music means more music less singing. The pre-chorus dips down to provide the climax of the chorus, because without it, there probably won’t be much of a climax. The chorus isn’t much of a chorus as its just a repeat of words, club music is essentially just electronic music and crazy beats.


Sky high

And another electronic clubbing music. However the arrangement of this song is a little not as smooth as the previous song, especially when it transitions to the rap parts. (as you can see, I’m starting to get bored)


For this love

This song starts off with a guitar instrumental at first, but it slowly progresses to… yes, you guessed it. Club Music. (Yawns..)


La-Di Da-Di

(check out my review of this song: http://wp.me/p2nC81-8w)

Frankly speaking, this song on it’s own is a pretty good single, but when listening to 4 club music songs in a row might just gives this song a bad name too, though i have to say that it does seem that more effort and thought (and vocal) was put into this song. It’s hard to tell if this song will still stand out in the album if i had not heard this song first without the rest of the album. As of now, this song does stand out in a good way for me in this album. I definitely prefer songs with more variation in melody.

My Lady

Finally, the one and only ballad (and non-club) song. The verses of the song is quite similar to the type of ballad OST we hear in korean dramas, but the rap part sets it apart from that style of ballad. I used to think it wasn’t that difficult for boy bands to do ballads (i was brainwashed by BEAST), but i realised that that wasn’t the case. To be acknowledged as a boy band who can do ballad is not just about having great vocalists, it seems to be more than that (E.g INFINITE: they obviously have good vocalists, but when they sand Only Tears together, i wasn’t really feeling it. It made me think ‘Ah, so ballads can’t be sung by every boy band’). Obviously good vocals play a strong role, but expression is key in ballads. For a boy band that made me associate them more with dance tracks because of their debut single, they have convinced me with this song, that they can do ballad, and pretty damn well at that. Of course the greatness of the song plays a part in bringing out the ballad in the boys, and this song has done just that (the falsettos were great, he almost sounds like Yoseob). This song only starts to appeal after the second careful listen (recommended with headphones)


Like i said earlier, this album is not perfect (neither do we expect it to be). When i started listening from the first song, i have to say i was pretty disappointed by the 3rd song. I really enjoyed their debut single and was hoping for more at-least-decent songs on the album. The first 3 songs aren’t really bad per say, it’s more of the problem of putting 3 really similar sounding songs together, further highlighting the lack of variation. That’s one of the worst things an album can do. Frankly speaking, i was almost ready to deny this group’s potential till i heard ‘My Lady’. I love it enough to be almost ready and willing them to promote more ballads in the future. Well, the audios are great, but we can only tell if the boys have got what it takes after we see and hear their live performances which is set to begin after a week or so.


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