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Juniel: ‘My First June’

Juniel’s debut Korean album is finally out and I feel like a fool (babo). If you’ve her first two songs or watch the MVs get ready to be shock by her album in all kinds of ways (good and bad).

Track List

1. Illa Illa

2. Ready Go

3. Everlasting Sunset

4. Mask

5. Stupid (Babo)

Illa Illa

First of, even though this song has an MV, i recommend listening to the song without the MV. Without the distraction of the MV, you can better appreciate the music and Juniel’s vocals. (Headphones recommended) The guitar rhythm used isn’t the most original but it’s one of the most effective one yet. The song starts of a little happier than the chorus. The chorus feels more sad and has a slightly rock ballad feel to it. The song is simple and to the point, without all the frills that kpop usually comes with. This song is an improvement from her previously released track ‘Stupid’ as i feel more emotion, passion in this song. More than that, it feels like she’s not faking her voice.

Ready Go

If you thought her voice was tolerably cute in ‘Stupid’, wait till you hear the front part of this song (i won’t even start on the english). My gawd, my house windows almost cracked. The amount of agyeo she managed to squeeze out from her voice is over the top and almost gross. If you already couldn’t stand her voice in ‘Stupid (babo)’ you need to skip this song. Right now. There’s a fine line between sweet and disgustingly cute, Juniel or her company needs to learn to not cross the line because it could get ugly. I usually encourage the mixing of genre but in this song, the different genre are break into parts making it seem more like a couple of songs cut and pasted to form one. With her squealing, I’d say it was already difficult enough. The only good thing i can say about this song is it gets better after a few times, though i still have to skip the front part and when it repeats in the middle.

Everlasting sunset

This song is one of the savior of this album. I’d just like to say she tricked us by letting us think she could only sing with a sweeter high pitched voice when she could pull off beautiful voice. Seriously, i fell for her (voice) again when the song started. Enough to forgive her for her previous track (eew). The music is simple yet again, and i think simple does it for her. With this kind of voice, who needs complexity.


This song leans towards rock ballad. The beginning of the song is mostly acoustic without other instruments. As we reach the chorus, we get a fuller band sound. Though the only problem i have with this song is the end. Is it that hard to fill at least some of that part with actual words? Doing that for a 2 liner is forgivable, what she did there… it was almost a joke. End of the day, music good, i’m good.


(check out the individual review here: http://wp.me/p2nC81-62)

Her album tends to bring a bit of the Japanese music flavour to the kpop scene which would be considered something refreshing for kpop listeners. Overall, every track but one is to my liking, what can i say, i love the guitar, it’s been awhile since i heard an album with this little electronic music (not counting indie bands).


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