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Cross Gene: La-Di Da-Di

Newest boy band to land on plant kpop is Cross Gene. Since the announcement of this boy band, 3 words have always accompanied their headlines. Korean. Chinese. Japanese. This is one of the first kpop group to have members of 3 nationalities. So far, SM has debuted a few chinese artists, but i think it’s a first for a Japanese in a long time. So far, the more famous or well-known members would be Shin Won Ho (or Shin) and Takuya. Shin was been in a couple of CFs already and has 2 dramas under his belt – Bachelor’s Vegetable store and more recently, Big (no, it really is a drama name), while Takuya appeared in Dream Team. So far, Shin has proven to be a pretty good actor (and who said idols couldn’t act). Even if Cross Gene doesn’t make him famous, acting already has.

On to the MV and song. So far i’ve seen people already starting to trash the MV, song, choreography and whatever (as usual), but i think this group deserves more credit than that. This year has seen a lot of rookies with great potential and many have come up with debut singles listen-worthy, to me, this is one of them. Firstly, the song has it’s own style (thankfully no dubstep or disco) and the concept used in this song and MV is quite unique. I’m not sure if many of you realised but they are obviously going with a (japanese) temple concept. This might sound funny but take a look at the symbols used in the MV (e.g umbrellas, Shoji screen door with a circle in the middle). And finally, within the music, there is a hint of temple. I’ll remind you again when we reach that part of the music.

When the music first starts, it seems like a pretty generic kpop style of using electronic music, but as the verse starts, the melody points in another direction. (Do you hear the monk knocking on the wooden moktak here? which is recreated into an electronic sound) Overall, this was a great arrangement of a dance track which is generic in it’s genre but unique in it’s style. Even though there have been comments about the english, i think it was already better than some other kpop songs, it was tolerable and frankly speaking, there wasn’t much of a grammatical error more than a slightly uncomfortable expression. The boys’ english pronunciation seems to be decent and there wasn’t any heavy Korean accent.

(wooden moktak)

Moving on the choreography, it also follows the temple concept closely as we see part of the choreography involves sitting on the floor cross-legged. Later on, there is also a part where they stand in a row so we get to see the first person, then making it seem like he has a lot of hands, this gesture is commonly associated with buddhism which of course occurs within a temple. I also sported a bit of kungfu actions (like the tiger-claw-stance-thing and the flying-eagle-or-something-stance, i’m really not sure what those exact names are, but watch kungfu movies and you’d definitely know it), maybe in relation to the Shaolin Monks (is what i’d like to think anyway) Anyway, the choreography is infinitely unique and interesting to watch. The MV, is done in a simplistic way but effective for us to identify the boys more easily, which is important at the debut stage. The blend of colours was nice (is boyband and pink the trend? Not complaining if they look nice in pink though) and stayed true to their concept.

Nothing is set in stone as of yet since live performances have not started. I’m curious and worried about their choreography. Why use chairs when you can sit on the floor?… is what i’d like to say but sitting on the floor and trying to deliver a convincing performance is so much more difficult. It’s like as if trying to stand out in the sea of kpop wasn’t hard enough, you’re diminishing your presence by sitting on the floor. In order to succeed, the boys have to do strong arm actions and do it right! Can’t wait to see their live performance!


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