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Dal Shabet: sings ‘Mr. Bang Bang’

It took me a lot of news and hearsay on Dal Shabet to finally bring myself to listen to their latest song ‘Mr Bang Bang’. My only memory of them is a bunch of girls ‘squealing’ in high-pitched voices that they were promoting their song ‘Pink Rocket’, that was enough to send me in the opposite direction. Recently, the group had a change of member with Woohee replacing the original leader Viki. Frankly speaking, as someone who hasn’t followed them since their debut, watching their previous MVs and the new one, the change in member doesn’t seem to make much of a difference, luckily or unluckily.

Even as i watched the MV, i was getting ready to cringe at any excessive ageyo. However, by the first verse, i was very much comfortable because the song seemed (a lot) better than i expected. Obviously a girl group can’t get away with producing an MV without showing off some ageyo and sex appeal (except maybe 2NE1), as long as they don’t make their voice overly-cute, i think i can handle some ageyo.

The song itself is pretty catchy. Though there isn’t anything unique about the music production as it leans to the usual electronic dance music genre kpop is known to have, the melody of the vocals are more attractive. My only problem about the song is the lyrics or title. Where does Mr. Bang Bang come in in a love song? And just because the song got named Mr. Bang Bang, the MV had to be affiliated to guns which had to lead to robbing a bank. What? First of all, i have nothing against an MV concept of bank-robbing, even though it goes totally against the law to rob a bank. Whether or purpose or by accident, in the end the MV, though portrayed as a light-hearted one, seem to put across a pretty serious message. Money really makes the world go round. And humans can do anything for money. Look at how the policemen got tempted by money too, resulting in the girls escaping. And how again does this all related back to the lyrics of the song, i have no idea.

The choreography itself is aim towards the boys. Yup, all that ass shaking into the camera didn’t get my heart thumping for sure. The choreography wasn’t substantial and it was just one of those choreography we could do with or without, it won’t have changed any aspect of how we felt towards the MV.

Because i didn’t listen or watch this MV with much expectations, the results proved more ideal, at the same time i discovered their previous track ‘Hit U’ which had them with a fiercer concept. The song itself is nice too, though i cringe just a little every time they sing ‘Hit U’ .


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