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Queen In-Hyun’s Man: Ep 7 – 13 (spoiler)

Since episode 7, the drama has progress steadily and things have gotten interesting again. At one point of time, memories were lost and some replaced, and we were horrified to think that our love birds would never meet again. Thankfully, we didn’t have to sit through too long for another one of those (almost) horrible kdrama favourites: Boy and Girl almost together, but had to split because of memory loss. Seriously? Then again, i wasn’t too worried about that happening because i know this drama is more than that, and so far it has never disappoint. After 2 or so episodes of long-lost lovers, the two finally found each other again. Nevertheless, it’s not like we can stop at happy ending here when it’s only at episode 10.

First obstacle was Han Dong Min. His pride and ego is not something to be messed with, not to mention, childishness. Luckily, Hui Jin is all about thinking of happy things and as long as she has Bung Do, she is one happy girl. (i would be too if i had a guy like him) Nevertheless, their short happiness comes to and end when things in Joseon takes a turn for the worst which puts Bung Do at risk again. And in episode 13, we see him going back to his time once more to face head on with whatever is to come and whatever damage done.

One of the special traits of this drama is that they consider the fact that changing the past will change the present but they don’t try to complicated the hell out of us with the butterfly effect, choosing to portray the inevitable changes through the script changes of Hui Jin’s drama remake of the story of Queen In Hyun -even though we know that those can’t be the only after effects if the past could really be changed. At the same time, the drama also tells us that nothing comes free. He can’t simply use the tailsman for his own desires.(watch the show if you didn’t get that) I mean, we were all probably wondering, can’t he just stay in the present world then? He could so simply just ignore whatever happened in his time since technically, if he’s in the present, it is already in the past, but of course, if he did that, he won’t be the character we all fell in love with.

As the series closes in on the end, as much faith as i have in this drama so far, i can’t help but waver. Time fusion story lines are pretty hard to end because they are such an abstract idea, it’s hard to come up with an ending that is purposeful, believable and satisfying overall. Rooftop Prince was an example of a decent show ending with a totally “What? Seriously?” kind of ending (as in the Tae Yong replacing In Gak part). It’s like they were doing it just to create a happy ending that they thought people would like. Well, i wasn’t really satisfied anyway. I’ll keep my disappointments away since this article is for Queen In-Hyun’s Man.

Fingers crossed!


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