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Teen Top: ‘Alone 2’ with ‘To You’

A couple of months before Teen Top’s comeback, I got to know a friend who loves Teen Top. She was telling me everything there was to know about these boys and how good they were in performing live. I listened with an opened mind but before I met her, Teen top was always the band that was too young for me. I remember when they debuted along with a good load of other boy bands, I was thinking ‘what can these too-young boy band do in this competitive industry?’. They probably didn’t understand half of what they were singing. That impression stuck and i wasn’t convinced even with them achieving commercial success with their previous title track.

Zoom back to the present, they are now a relatively well-known boy band. At the age when they might have only been rookies, these boys are already all too familiar with the life of an idol. I’m not very sure if that’s healthy for them but I’ll try not to think of that for now.

With their new song ‘To You’, I’m still not sure if I can say I like them since I’m not keen enough to learn their names yet. The first thing that probably throws just about every Kpop fan off is the similarity of one part of the song to Sistar’s recently super popular song ‘Alone’. Not to mentioned that it is heard almost right at the beginning. Dude. That’s like announcing the opening of ‘Alone ver.2’ right off the bait. Thank goodness, the rest of the song doesn’t sound so similar. Phew. Seriously, just because many praised Brave Brothers for ‘Alone’ doesn’t mean we want to hear it being recycled like almost immediately. In the boys’ defense, they did a great job with that part regardless. The song does make use of the disco genre and funky chords (again) that is apparently the trend now (i roll my eyes at trend following). However, the melody of the vocals is a more modern take on that genre, making it a nice mix. I particularly liked the chorus of the song partly because of the choreography. The choreography of this song really suits the genre of the song. Actions more associated with oldies such as ‘brushing the hair back’ can be seen in their choreography. And as i mentioned, i like the jumping part of the choreography during the chorus. Even though the choreography may not seem as cool, but it sure is a stamina depleting one as they do a lot of jumping and look how big their shuffle is.

As vouched by my friend, these boys’ haven’t debuted young for nothing because their live performance is nothing short of close to perfect. The lead vocalist, Niel, is amazingly stable while the rest are good enough. With all that power dancing, luckily they get to sit down as part of their choreography (hahah). The only thing i didn’t like was their hairstyle. It makes them look kind of cheap with half a red or blue patch neither here nor there.


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