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Big Bang: are ‘Monster’s

And… the long awaited ‘Monster’ after all the teasers.

The intro the MV looks like a footage of an online RPG shooting game when gamers change the viewing settings to make it as if they were in the game. I’m guessing that we were looking through the eyes of a ‘Monster’ (or the Big Bang members) trying to escape as (possibly) humans try to shoot him/it down, as when the ‘Monster’ burst through the doors, the next scene shows the Big Bang members in some sort of a bunker. (Big Bang’s MVs these days seem to include some form of violence weather in ‘Fantastic Baby’s riot scenes or this ‘being-shot-at scene’ -i thought i was watching a thriller). The MV is shot in a pretty Big Bang style: zoom out views of the members standing in a empty plot of land, though this time, we don’t get to see all 5 members in one scene. In this MV, because pretty much everything is in shades of grey, the coloured contact lenses of the members are the only bright coloured thing, besides GD’s red hair. The funny thing is, i’m sure everyone noticed (and is actually concerned over it) how GD is the only one with two different colour hairstyles. Well, the guy does look good in any colour hair (i love that small red horn hair-of-a-thing)

When the piano music start, with no beats, i was convinced that they should release an instrumental with just the piano music. The rock-ballad aspect of the melody (almost Evanescence) makes it so tranquil and beautifully sad. TOP’s low voice sets the song into motion with GD’s rap as the transition for the rock-ballad to become something more -electronic ballad. The verse falls into Big Bang’s favourite electronic beats and the piano riff is a variation of what we heard before and mainly consists of TOP’s and GD’s alternate rapping. Tae Yang preps for the chorus and the synthesizer is on.

I love you. Baby, i’m not a monster” 

The chorus is actually more weak compared to the verse (contrary to the usual weak verse-strong chorus format), and the gaps are filled with more beats. The style of power verse/weaker chorus is does not sit totally comfortably with me so i’m preferring all the parts of the song more than chorus, though i’m getting used to it (as usual). The concept of the lyrics is of a guy who has turned into something he wasn’t before and the woman he loves apparently starts to look at him with different eyes -a monster. In this song, he tries to convince her that he is still the same or even if he did change (for the worst) he still needs and loves her. As the lyrics hinted, the guy is lovesick. Ah… the power of love.

With a ‘Monster’ song, of course we have to choose the best ‘monster’. That would be TOP and Seungri. TOP is everyway a monster albeit a gorgeous one. did you see the way he moved his head. Creepy. And Seungri did creepy eyes too.

This song is every bit Big Bang’s style. Nevertheless, they never fail to impress with their piano music as with ‘Lies’ and “Haru Haru’. The problem (or miracle) with Big Bang is that, as long as you do kpop, Big Bang’s songs are no longer about if it’s super original or amazing. As long as they are not horrible (which should not happen), Big Bang’s songs have become the air of kpop, there is no way to not listen to kpop without listening to Big Bang. These guys have become more than just idols.

Even now, i don’t consider myself a VIP, but listening to Big Bang’s song is no longer just an option, it’s a must.


P.S: The intro of the MV (with earphones) is not for the weak hearted.  ^^


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