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M.I.B: Only Hard For Me

I think they meant “only difficult for me”?

M.I.B is another band of artiste from the entertainment company that brought us Leessang, Tiger JK and Tasha (Yoon Mirae) consisiting of 4 members. This group debuted last year to ok success. Partly due to their music not being very mainstream, the group, even though talented, might have been overlooked by the general public. Not to mention that they are indeed different seeing as they have 3 rappers vs 1 vocalist. However, this year, the group has released something a bit closer to mainstream while still maintaining their own style with their new single: “Only hard (difficult if i may add) for me”

If i liked this song, it would be for the rap accompanied by the good music. As nice as the melody of the chorus might be, the english is a bit weird for me. (it could be worst) The music is like a mix of R&B, hip hop and maybe a bit of rock (in the music). I liked the higher notes played on the piano contrasting with the lower sounds of the electric guitar. Overall, this is a very non-kpop kpop kind of song. I can’t really fit this song into a specific genre right now but i think the rappers really did a great job. This is probably one of the first kpop song i’ve heard (from a boy band) that is mostly rap with only the chorus being in melody, which is something like an Eminem song feat. a vocalist (which i love), that makes it refreshing to listen to. Though i have to say, i would have liked it if they smoothen out the english (or engrish) starting with the title of the song.


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