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B1A4: IGNITION Special

IGNITION was B1A4’s first full length album and they have released a special edition of it with an addition of two (real; not instrumental) tracks (in bold and italics) as seen below. Since there quite a few songs, i will be reviewing my favourites.

Track List:

1. Sleep Well Good Night

2. Because of You

3. Baby i’m sorry

4. This Time is over

5. So fine

6. Super Sonic

7. Just two of us (Baro solo feat Min from Miss A)

8. Smile

9. Feeling

10. Secret Love (Sandeul solo)

11. You are my girl

12 Wonderful Tonight (Unplugged version)

13. Sleep Well Good night (inst.)

14. Because of you (inst.)

15. Baby i’m sorry (inst.)


Sleep Well Good Night

And more disco (kpop style), including loads of funky chords. The melody is easy and flows nicely but the treasure lies mainly in the music. There are like a million layers (ok, i’m exaggerating) of different riffs and god-knows-what in this one track. But the amazing thing is, they all blend into each other so damn well!! (this deserves two exclamation marks) Putting so many things together is suicidal most of the time especially if you are not careful and tip the bucket over. (something that almost happened in ‘The Chaser’). We get disco, funky chords, heavy bass riff and little electronic riffs and of course the boys’ great vocals. This is not just your normal sweet song. It’s a ‘monster’ of a sweet song.

Baby I’m Sorry

Their previous title track, the song that got my attention and made them climb a lot more steps up my boy band radar. Though the intro is pretty much club music, the song transitions into more of a pop dance track. Some might say it has a Big Bang style to it, but on closer look, it is much more. Just like in their previous track (above), the music of this song is not just a simple 2-layer-of-music-style song (which is what most bands have), in fact, i think mixing a lot of different things together but making them blend together like magic will or has become one of B1A4’s signature style. If you hear the intro then hear the 2nd verse onwards, it almost feels like two different songs, and that is where the magic lies, because when you hear the song as a whole, the transitions are so well-doned, you don’t really feel that it’s segregated. The song is not only catchy, i quite liked the outfits (black suits with patches of colour) in this MV, though i wished they used a little less auto-tune.

This Time is Over

It starts out like a mid-tempo song but proceeds to a faster pace song. I really liked the softer feel of the beginning. The rap part was done very well and for a while it had a oldies rap feel to it, which was quite unique (almost leessang).

Wonderful Tonight

An acoustic version of their previous song, it’s very soothing and the boys show off their vocals as they strip away everything else leaving us with their great vocals. It also shows that the boys are versatile as they can pull off different type of music. This song comes at a great time in the album as it offers something more simple and clean.


A slightly more jazzy song, the boys once again show that they can do more than just cute songs or dance tracks. Jazz is originally a pretty difficult genre to do because of its rhythm but the boys pull it off without over doing or under doing the jazz feel. This song makes you want to sway along.


This is another electronic music -almost clubbing- music. I can almost imagine a partying scene if this was done into a mv. But there’s no way we just get plain clubbing music from B1A4 because during Baro’s part in the middle of the song we are transported into another kind of music style for awhile. The chorus is catchy though I’m not so sure about ‘feeling like a Friday night‘.


Overall, this album is worth every penny. From the first song to the last, every song is a good listen. Which is more than i can say for some rather successful idol groups. Though I generally the songs where they all sing than solos, because I think they sound great together. With this album, I finally understand why people have been comparing them to the likes of current Hallyu stars. This band is one of the few bands who have shown a lot of potential in not just their performance but their music and ability to composed their own music and actually be good at it. We all know about leader Jin young’s monster ability. Can’t wait for more new works already.


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