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G.NA: Not yet in ‘Bloom’

G.na, G.na, G.na. Once again, G.na (or Cube) has disappoint with her new single ‘2Hot’. The problem with our disappointment is not the quality of the song but with the song’s ability in NOT showcasing G’na’s real vocal skills. The album itself savages some of the problem but is still a shadow of her debut self.

Track List:

1. Green Light feat. Jay Park

2. 2Hot

3.Summer Star

4. Oppa, dongsaeng feat. Sangchu

5. Drop it (Cut it off)

6. i’ll back off so you can live better(eng. ver)

Green Light

This song is a sweet song by G.na feat Jay Park. The song is cute but not cringe-worthy. The music style is quite similar to english songs that have the same style of a female vocalist and a male rapper accompanied by happy bubbly sounds. I can’t specifically put my finger on a english song that has the same style but this duo pulls it off quite well (maybe due to their english backgrounds). The content of the lyrics is also seen commonly in english songs where the guy showed an interest in the girl only to ignore her; and this song is about the girl giving the guy the ‘Green Light’ because she likes him. Jay Park has proven once again to be a decent rapper with so many featurings.


(Check out my review of this song on another post)

Summer Star

An acoustic beginning accompanying G.na’s vocals tells us that this song is a 180 degrees from the first two songs we’ve heard so far. We get a glimspe of the G.na (at debut) with this song, even if it’s a small peek. In this song, G.na displayed softer vocals compared to her debut song and she does it flawlessly as expected. This song is an easy song, and even with a simple (and normal) song, her vocals carries the song bringing it to heights greater than its worth.

Oppa, Dongsaeng

The style of music this song has reminds me just a little of ‘Black & White’ off her first album. It’s mainly piano and electronic beats and G.na sings sweetly accompanied by Sangchu’s rougher rapping we really get the feel of an Oppa(older guy) and Dongsaeng(in this case, younger girl).

Drop it

This song is a mid-tempo, R&B song where the beats are stronger compared to the softer music, created electronically, making the tempo stand out more. A song apt for slow dances. Reminds me a bit of Tae Yang’s dances .

I’ll back off so you can live better

Having received good reactions with this version when G.na performed it during one of Cube’s concert, Cube has decided to incorporate this version into the album. As nice as her english and the song is, putting it into an album where there is a possibility of this song outshining the other songs is not very smart. At the same time, it only serves as a reminder of what G.na could and had been. Not a good thing.

The funny thing is, i’ll probably prefer any song off her album as her promotion single compared to 2Hot. Although none of the song particularly wins a trophy in me this album is actually a pleasant listen and is suited for the summer season.


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