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A-Jax: Never Let go

The latest rookie boy band to join the ever-growing list. Set to release their debut track One 4U on June 1st (definitely before June 3rd), the boys have released a pre-debut track (like many other boy bands have done this year) ‘Never Let Go’ not featuring them in the video.

Before we dive into the song, a round of applause for Goo Hara’s acting skills that we thought were non-exsistent. Not to mention that, at the beginning of the video, with her cropped hair, she looks so much like a doll she succeeds in the giving-out-eery-feeling. Of course she looks pretty. (Lucky you, Jun Hyung). The colours and the set of the MV is beautiful and i love how close to goth it is. Goth in colours. Nice. I am so distracted by the MV (the quality -symbols and all- is almost as good as Cleansing Cream) i have to cover it to hear the song.

The song is emo and dark, filled with heavy piano chords (probably minor chords). It’s the perfect song to hear on a rainy day especially if you feel emotional. (I can almost imagine the drama scene of someone sitting and looking out into the rain with this song playing in the background.) As far as music goes, it’s not particularly unique, (though i have a soft spot for darker sounding music) nevertheless, the arrangement is well done i like the little harmonization just before the chorus. I also like how the MV opens and closes with the same music phrase, including the singing part. As a pre-debut song, it works well.

Well, official audios are always nice and portray anyone in good light as long as the music or song is good, that’s what sound engineers are for, we can only judge the boys’ real talent after their live performances. For now, i’m just going to keep an open eye and open ear for their debut track.


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