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JJ Project makes us want to ‘Bounce’ along

“‘Now everybody! Bounce!

I wasn’t immediately attracted to this duo, partly because they’re not my type and well, their debut song didn’t really stand out that much. It didn’t help that the boys do seem to have the same kind of look that their 2PM Sunbaes (seniors) have -Taecyeon style- if i may say so (and i’m sorry to say i’m not really a fan of 2PM). However, now that they have started bouncing around in live performances, they have got a little more of my attention.

The boys are cute -yes, even with small smiley eyes- and most of all, they look like they have fun on stage. I think that is the one thing that influences us as audiences to have fun too, when they are performing. It’s infectious. I guess it helps a lot that their choreography isn’t so strict for a debut which allows them more freedom and less pressure. (unlike exo-k’s debut which was 5 minutes of the members trying to follow the camera -rolls eyes- cause it just makes them look awkward and unnatural) At the same time, who can deny that Jr and JB showed off cool-ness with the jump and the 1-handstand respectively.

Well, as much as their live performances go, the boys have talent, but i’m still not totally convinced. Better luck next time!


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