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Out with the new, in with the old

As June approaches around the corner, all the rookies’ debuts have stop in their tracks (phew). The last few months have seen entertainment companies ,both big and small, debuting their latest rookies.And we have some rookies come up on top: B.A.P, Exo-k, SPICA, Nu’est, JJ Project But as we come to be a few more steps away from June, it feels like all the vendors have packed up and the kpop music scene is a bit less rowdy. On the other hand, fans have twitching fingers and sharper eyes, because when it’s quiet like that, something big is going to happen next, because the kpop music industry never sleeps.

Comebacks are here! Not from mildly successful kpop idols, but the real Hallyu Wave idols.

June 3rd:

Big Bang – Still Alive Special Edition

Wonder Girls


Mid – June:



End – June:






Well, that’s all the news we have now, but i’m looking forward to the comebacks of Big Bang. 2NE1 and BEAST!



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