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SORT: Songs On Repeat This week (4)


I’ve decided to have a special weekly post where i share what songs i was hooked on in no order.

20 May – 27 May:


INFINITE – The Chaser

To celebrate their comeback! (refer to my review of this song: https://embracingyourkoreanseoul.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/infinite-the-chaser-review-mv-song-and-live-performances/)


Dalmatian – E.R

The song takes off with some piano sounds leading us to the start of soft vocals accompanied by strong beats. The rap continues with the same background music which then leads to the chorus. The chorus’ line ‘i’ll be there’ and the post chorus ’emergency’ gives the song it’s catchy parts. There isn’t anything spectacular about the music or music style used but overall, the song flows very smoothly and a piano-plus-strong-beats music can almost never go wrong. The song is a pleasant listen, though very much a typical kpop song, it is nonetheless a good song.


B1A4 – Baby Good Night

An electronic song done in a more happy/less angsty way that makes it stand out from the usual electronic music used in dance tracks, makes it quite refreshing. The boys are really suited to this type of songs because of the happier tone their voice has (if there’s such a thing). Or should i say, the boys have sweet voices. The chorus is catchy with its repeat of a few phrases (well, at least is repeat of phrases, not A WORD), and makes you want to bob your head along to the song. Baro did a very good job in matching his rapping style to the song, it felt lazy but kind of funny and cute at the same time. Knowing that these boys had a hand in composing this song, does a lot to make me appreciate the song more.


BtoB – Irresistible Lips

This is a piano song again but slightly more echo-y. As the music builds up, the song turns into something of a dance track at the pre-chorus. Musical-style wised it is still comparable to the likes of Beast, but the boys made this one into theirs. At the end of the day, a normal song is still nice when you have the vocals and rap skills to back it up.


G.na – Drop it

This song is a bit more R&B styled. (it reminds me of Boa’s japanese songs’ style). G.na is accompanied by electronic music with the beats being more outstanding than the lighter electronic music. Though this song doesn’t make use of her powerful vocals, i think it showcases the other side of her vocals, because she sounds good, and make the song sounds good. This is definitely a song that grows on you.


Juniel – Stupid

(refer to my review of her song and MV)



After missing this section for two weeks (because i had to fly off into the jungle), i’m going to feat. an artiste that is currently not promoting now.

Some of you may or may not know Navi. She’s a female Korean solo artiste with pretty more-than-decent vocals. Though she is pretty underrated ,what with all the girl groups out there, her mid-tempo songs are one of the best.

My favourites of her’s would be:

Listen to the end

Well Done

I love you feat. Tablo



Well, that’s all folks. Look out for the next sunday’s update of my SORT.

Remember to go to my Recommend Me page if you have any good songs you want to share! Otherwise, you can always comment below. =)


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