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Juniel is not ‘Stupid’

Juniel, to me, is a cross between IU and Younha. IU for her same softer vocals and guitar playing and Younha for her background in Japan. As a former Superstar K contestant, she’s not all too foreign to the Kpop music scene. Having debuted in Japan already, she is now setting hers eyes on Korea, her origins. Taking from Japan with her to Korea is her look and dressing style. Very Japanese.

From the first time I hear her sing in her debut Korean song, I can see -or hear- where exactly she fits into the Jpop music scene (being a Jpop fan, more so in the past since the Hallyu wave took over, I have my fair share of listens to solo female japanese artistes). Her type of singing style is aplenty, and I mean so, in the Jpop music scene, but put her in the Kpop music scene, you get something (a bit) more refreshing.

The song ‘Stupid’ was helped compose and produce by Yong Hwa (CNBLUE leader when in Korea) and his raspy singing style and use of the acoustic guitar in a familiar scene for his fans, (done in songs like ‘Lovelight’ and ‘Banmal song’) which is clearly suited for Juniel. Even though it’s of little effect, the fact that Yong Hwa started off the song caught me a but off guard. Partly because it seem like the song was going to be his and not Juniel’s (since it’s just his kind of song, an it might end that way if he sung more lines of the song). As good as he sounds, I think that little intro part made Juniel lose a bit of her spotlight.

The song is mainly made up of acoustic guitars as both idols play their respective parts of the guitar. I haven’t seen a duet with both singers playing the guitar in Kpop before. That was a first. The song is a easy listen, though not powerful or particularly amazing and pretty save, it’s a song I would listen to. What can I say? I’m a sucker for acoustic music.

I love the vintage feel of the MV and Yong Hwa serves as good eye candy (I saw those biceps when you were driving!) and Juniel is… Pretty. Sweet. Though the song is about a girl in love and I’m assuming Juniel is suppose to be in love with Yong Hwa, all I’m getting out of the MV is brotherly/sisterly love from them. (nothing to worry about here, Seo Hyun).

Overall, the MV is pretty. The song is lovely, but i’m wondering if we can expect more from Juniel. Acoustic music can be lovely, but taken in large doses, it has a tendency to hover over ‘boring’. I look forward to hearing the rest of the songs on her first Korean album, seeing as she composed quite a few of them.


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