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Ulala Session: Part 1

For people who followed Superstar K 3 and who agreed on the winner (that will be Ulala Session), the wait for their debut album is finally over. With the release of both parts of their album, Kpop fans welcome the quartet with open arms an open ears because this four have definitely brought in new music for this ever generic Kpop music scene.

Part 1
Track List:

1. Urbanic (Prologue)

2. Ulala

3. Beautiful Night



The song kicks off with slow acapella by the quartet (a very beautiful sound created by their fantastic harmonisation). The song transitions into a more mid-tempo jazz music. Though the song doesn’t have a climax and ends a bit too abruptly for me, it showcases the boys’ vocal abilities.



This song makes use of the disco music style, with trumpets and funky chords. It is obvious that this song gain inspiration from the disco fever. In the kpop scene, where music can become too generic, songs like these are always welcomed. It’s nice to hear something that makes use of past music styles and adding a modern twist for it to fit into the current kpop music scene. Disco music is a genre that not many kpop bands have touched on yet.


Beautiful Night

This song is almost a sequel to the prologue with it’s jazzy intro (and boy does the first singer sound sexy). Suddenly, we get thrown into some rock n’ roll from and retro from the 80s. The MV just screams fun as we proceed from normal singer singing at a wedding to a mad rush of passing a clutch bag around and around. Not to mention, a lot of crazily dressed people. At first, i’m a bit confused, but later on i find out that by snatching the clutch away form the main girl, they make her stay so that she can’t go home. Well, i love the colours and the setting of the MV and it feels like ages since we saw a freestyle fun kind of MV without any stiff choreography to follow.

In this album, the boys’ bring us back to a few popular music styles of the past. The songs are definitely out of the ordinary for the kpop music industry and are probably most welcomed by kpop fans who may be starting to get bored of the usual. Furthermore, the boys show off a bit of versatility with the kind of music they can do. Look out for the review of Ulala Sensation Part 2 as they bring us more surprises.


One comment on “Ulala Session: Part 1

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