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JJ ‘Bounce’ into our TV/computer screens

Big entertainment company JYP has released new duo ‘JJ project’ consisting of Jr(rap) and JB(vocals). It’s been a long time since the major kpop entertainment companies produced a duo since they have been releasing groups after groups (both female and male bands), hence it stirred a good-enough amount of curiosity in me.

Their first debut song is ‘Bounce’.

Looking at their style of dressing and song title (the word ‘bounce’ is used overly in hip hop songs to ask people to get up and dance -and bounce around), they look to be heading in the Hip Hop musical direction. The beginning of the song shouts Hip Hop with Jr’s hip hop style rap and hip hop music. And yes, the music is bouncing too. Contrast to Jr’s hip hop style rap, the song turns into R&B when JB starts singing. (i must say that i love JB’s voice, it’s so smooth, the tone of his voice is to die for and he sounds really sexy singing in english even if it’s just one line, we all know how one line can reveal that much about an idol’s english -or engrish- skills) Then i get hit by the most awesome rock song ever (part of the song anyway). I’m almost convinced that JB is meant for rock, the way he rocks his body is totally suited to the rock part -Jr you should just go stand in the corner here (though Jr is better in the hip hop parts), until i listen more. It’s the music that is solid and making the rock music part rock and carrying JB’s voice along with it. (Naturally, i still like JB’s voice here though it’s probably a bit too smooth for rock). But the music is awesome!!!

Suddenly, we are back to hip hop, or are we? Suddenly the hip hop is lost and i think we are in between a lot of musical things. It’s like hip hop but not reaching the hip hop we saw in the first part of the song. Huh? And suddenly, all i’m hearing is a dance track at the chorus. I wonder where did JYP pick up bad habits of making a chorus just a repeat of one word -bounce. Tsk tsk. Before i can question the song, we’re back at my favourite rock part. Phew. All that’s left of the song is… you guessed it..


like bouncing off a million walls are little voices of ‘bounce’. Eek.

The MV itself is a whole lot of bouncing too as we are shaken around with the shaking camera (and when the boys shake their heads). The MV is largely in bright colours (partly due to the boys’ clothes) and kind of like a tour of a building as we follow the boys from one place to another (but mainly in the gym, someone smell High School Musical?) Though i like the freestyling feel of the choreography, some parts of the choreography raised an eyebrow or two. (like shake whose ass?) The MV is really pure FUN, nothing too deep for us kpop fans to handle.

After a few listens, i’m still not sure what to make of the song. For one thing, there doesn’t seem to show a specific direction the boys are following (unless you count their hip hop clothing style), so we’ll probably have to check out the rest of their album. (which i will review soon enough).

Happy Bouncing!~


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