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She’z: My Way

Adding to the rookies’ list this year is new 4-member girl group: She’z. I’m not sure if i like the band name but it could be worst… Just about one week after the debut of Hello Venus, She’z debut song appeals to me more than Hello Venus just enough for me to watch their MV a few more times to be able to write about them.

Many people have already commented on their similarity to Miss A. I’m afraid i should inform them that, there is a limited number of ways a girl group can be formed. So maybe their concept seems slightly similar, but their song is definitely not. She’z’s (now that looks weird) debut song is more cute than Miss A’s debut song. Not to mention, their voices stand out. Many have commented that they all have unique voices, a bit more husky maybe? Given that they came from a company who never debuted any music bands before, i would say they did a pretty good job with these girls. And i’m sure these girls will have really good variety skills, what with all those seniors as comedians that they have in their company.

What’s more important is that ALL of them can sing, decently at least, which can’t be said for a lot of girl groups because it is usually one or two main vocalist(s) that supports the whole group. Though none of them are exceptionally good vocally (or maybe we haven’t get to see yet, considering all of them have backgrounds as vocalists), at least i’m sure they can improve together. We might finally get a well-balanced girl group (Beast has to be one of the few bands where ALL members can sing so far). Though i can’t say the choreography is anything spectacular for their debut song, it’s ok for an ok song.

Nothing is set in stone yet, we just have to wait and see.


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