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G.NA: 2Hot? i’d rather not.

O’ G.na, i wanted to see you become a diva not a pop princess. G.na is one of those few recent solo female singers that has so(ooooo) much potential to become something more than a pretty face (and body, and legs) and she had a different image from the generic girl group that was a breathe of fresh air. Now that the release of her MV is closing in on me, i am afraid to see it (thanks to all the teasers -what the hell is with those firemen, it was to the point of G.R.O.ss), and all that has got me hopping back to her good o’ debut days of this song:

This song really made her one of those female solos that girls could respect while boys could still drool over, but all that started to fall apart. Black & White was still o.k. It’s not like i expected her to dish out ballad after ballad, though that might have been nice (we’ll never know).

But i think that’s where we could have been thrown a stronger song that suit her strong voice (what are you doing with a bubblegum song when you can do strong vocals-song). Instead, we were thrown with a crazy girl i-don’t-know-or-even-want-to-know kind of song called Top Girl. Seriously? Sure, it was actually quite nice and we did get to hear a glimspe of her strong vocals, but the MV just put me off and i was a goner.

It seems as though Cube entertainment can’t work at producing different kind of music at the same time: look what happened to BtoB and G.na turned into Hyuna -Bubblepop style. You starting to make me doubt you!

Finally we are at her latest single ‘2Hot’.

We get a bit of ‘Hoot’ and old school and G.na trying to sound sexy. The concept of this song doesn’t stray far from Top Girl but nevertheless, no one can deny that even with all these songs, her strong vocals still shines through. But. What happen to her debut song/image! Where are the ballads we long to hear from her. It’s as if Cube decided to just throw it out the window without taking a second look. The same way it’s hard to go  back to admiring an idol if you wrote their names down in your ‘never-going-to-listen-to’ list, like how i may be blinded by my dislike for her previous music to see any good points in this new one. I hardly have the heart or motivation to continue listening to the song. Maybe i’ll dig into her Bloom album to see if there are any hidden gems, till then, 2Hot is off my charts.



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