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BtoB releases Irresistible Lips

BtoB seems to be shooting out MVs like noone’s business -quick, before Beast returns.

With this MV, BtoB seems to have increased their fans as they slowly separate themselves from Beast wannabes. (Though the similarities are inevitable -not really) Their music seems to be more on the heavy side as the beats are stronger than those in Beast’s songs and Beast’s songs tend to have more electronic sounds. The boys’ really have no lack of talent, as they once again show us in this new song. The plot of the MV is pretty normal and used in kpop MVs quite often: Shit happens and it always appears to be a dream in the end. Figures. Because everyone thinks a happy ending is the right ending. Bleh.

There was never anything bad to say about BtoB’s songs in the first place, people only complain about their similarities with BEAST, but if we put Beast out of the picture, these boys are gems waiting to be discovered.


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