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Xiah Junsu: Potter fan?

Junsu is back with a new solo album this month. Potterheads would immediately notice the title of his new album “Tarantallegra” because it is affiliated to the spell in the Harry Potter series that makes people dance uncontrollably. Thus, the album title hints at more of a dance-track album.


Sadly, i have to say that i wasn’t really anticipating this one. Having heard before Junsu’s previous solo track ‘Intoxication’, i’m hit with a dreadful feeling of what’s to come (not that Intoxication was absolutely horrible, but it’s not something i would listen to) though we all know that Junsu can composed and write good Ballads.

Ok, fans all know Junsu can dance even though he’s dance skills are overshadowed by his vocal skills(nothing that he should complain about) -all his moves were clean and sleek- and i must say i love the dancing parts. (though i was a bit hesitant about the use of western dancers initially just because seeing Junsu dance with non-Koreans felt weird) Not to mention that the cinematography was quite beautiful -the sets used totally trashes SM’s box set, and Junsu really pulls off goth pretty well (as a girl and a guy). The music is actually pretty good -with the timpani (percussion instrument) and lower strings riff constantly being heard in the background.

Then came the o’-so-auto-tuned chorus. Now this is the tricky part, i’m not a fan of auto tune and well repeating an auto-tuned word a million times and calling it a chorus is the worst thing anyone could do, but you gotta admit it makes the song catchy. Flowsik also does a good job for his rap parts, he also makes the song more ‘english-sounding’ if you get what i mean. (Which makes me wonder if this song -plus the western dancers- was made trying to dip it’s feet in the korean and english music market at the same time.)

I have to say, this song doesn’t appeal to me that much, but it gets better after the 3rd or so listen, nevertheless, it’s a song that has to stick with the MV -because of how dramatic and impactful the MV is. And frankly speaking, auto tune has become so much a part of dance tracks, it’s hard to expect that even Junsu won’t used it in his dance track. As i’m re-watching the MV, all my previous image of Junsu’s innocence is blown out the window bits by bits and this new dramatic, gothic prince is taking over.


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