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Dalmatian: Puppies to Beasts

With Dalmatian’s comeback, we can be sure that the new in-thing in kpop boy bands are tattoos.

Dalmatian is back with 5 members instead of 6 with Dari being enlisted into army while Day Day left for personal reasons and a new member Simon was added. Sometimes, the changing of members can be dangerous, however, in this case, unfortunately or fortunately, because the group is not as well established, the change in members does not affect the group that much. In fact, Simon seems to be a good addition to the group as he is not only able to rap (well in english too),but the guy can hold a decent note too.

Comeback stage:

After ‘Round 1’, the boys have changed their image of cute young boys to beastly men in E.R as the guys throw away their spotted clothing in exchange for… nothing… as they go around topless in the MV, flaunting their well-worked-out bodies. Aside from those distractions, the song is pretty generic but a nice song is nonetheless, still nice no matter how generic it may sound. The song is pretty much kpop as it is, but i’m not complaining. It’s a little Mblaq-styled but because the boys sing differently, the two differentiate themselves. Instead of listening just to the original audio, here’s an  ‘acapella’ version.

E.R acapella:

The boys are not lacking in talent (just like so many boy bands already out there), they just don’t have the right music at the right time (or something like that). Even though i didn’t dig their debut song, i thought at least they had something different (‘That Man Opposed’ was actually nice) compared to other boy bands and i had hoped that they would go down a different musical lane, but i guess not.

Even though their new single is pretty generic, maybe that’s what will do it for them. Otherwise, they need to try harder with something else another time. Only time will tell, if the members can hold it out till their big break.


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