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Leessang: it’s ‘Hard to be Humble’

First of, the MV, or the kids starring in the MV, are just adorable. Leessang just never disappoints with the uniqueness of their MVs. Leessang’s MVs are not just about eye candy (far from it) or dancing in boxes but an art form. In their newest MV, they bring something fresh to the kpop MV scene yet again by using the concept of eye candy (mini versions) and ageyo, in a far-from-norm and ultra cute way. (finally, the word ‘cute’ is used appropriately) The MV is pretty much the portrayal of supposedly young versions of Gil and Gary (for some who still do not know, Gary as in Gary from Running Man) running around, disrupting PDAs, whacking people on the ass and rescuing the damsel in distress (hooray for kid heroes!) The way the video was put together is very artsy and unlike any kpop MV yet there was nothing complex about it. An enjoyable and fun MV to watch.

Leessang, already known for their different style of music, bring us something even more different from the kpop music style and their usual style with this song. Taking the original song done by Cho Young Nam, the duo did a modern take on it while still leaving listeners reminiscing about the 70s-styled music with funky guitar sounds. Gary does a great job in tweaking his rap style to fit this song and Gil sounds like he’s been doing this kind of music for ages. The guys show how versatile they are with this different style of music. Great job guys! Look out for the release of their full album coming soon in a couple more days!


P.S: Did i mention how adorable the two children are???


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