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INFINITE – The Chaser Review (MV, song and live performances)

First of all, i just need to say:

“I’m finally back!”

I was actually away from the internet for a whole week and while i was in some jungle, i was already getting my heart and mind ready to review this, so let’s get it on!

Ok, so i just listened to it today (the moment i gained excess to the mighty Internet), and i must say the intro had my mind running around in circles because i was confused. A lot was happening in that intro, too much actually. So i’m not sure if it was just my earphones or what, cause it got better when i came home and listened to it on my computer. Though i have to say, when i first heard it and when i hear it now, the guitar riff at the beginning is still really sexy. I tend to believe the first few listens more (because you always get accustomed to it and it becomes nicer most of the time) so i guess my conclusion is that the intro was a little too messy (for first time listeners anyway). There were a bit too many layers stacked on top of each other and i wasn’t sure what exactly i was listening to initially.

Then, so maybe they want to make the intro a part of the actual song, but i thought the transition between them was too short for comfort. It was like a ‘what?it’s-the-actual-song-already? kind of moment. The start of the song (referring to the part after they say ‘Infinite’) is the same as the teaser so since i liked the teaser my ears are already in tune with that part.

The song is backed up by a constant 80’s music feel with funky guitar chords and some electronic music. It’s not the most catchy song and the chorus can get a bit whiny (which reminds me a little of Supernova’s previous song) at times but the song definitely possesses something no other kpop music currently has. Some people have commented that the song has more of a jpop/jrock feel (which is not necessarily a bad thing), because the important thing a band needs to stand out is to not produce homogenous music, and INFINITE definitely has that done nicely (partly thanks to their company too). Dong Woo, again, does a really good rap and Hoya is decent. According to Koreans, the lyrics are unique as they actually used some old korean ‘slang’ in some parts of the lyrics. (In this case, it might be a bit difficult for non-Koreans to appreciate, but it is nice to know, nonetheless)

The choreography of this song is not the most complex or hardcore compared to what they have done before (i.e. scorpion dance in BTD), however, when done as sleekly as they have done so, they still shine. Nevertheless, it would have been good to have a key-point dance movement. The MV is done prettily but the plot is unclear and a bit confusing for fans, making the MV more of an eye candy video. In this case, i’d rather watch their live performances.

I have no doubts about their singing and dancing abilities and i am proven right once again. In fact, i think i might prefer their live performances to the official audio. During live performances, the balance of their vocals and the music seems better, and Leader Sunggyu sounds less whiny here (yay!).

All in all, i’m glad that the boys are back. Hopefully they get to do some variety or radio shows so we get to see them off-stage more.


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