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IU’s new mini album released

IU’s long awaited mini album is finally out. However, I must say that it feels like we waited too long for too few a song. Since ‘Peach’ was released not long ago and most of us have heard the song, it feels like this album has only two new songs. I would have liked it if she at least put in one more song but oh well.

Track list:

1. Every end of the day

2. Peach

3. I don’t like that person


Every end of the day

(ultra long version):

(shorter version: just the song):

Hmm, i thought the starting of her singing was quite abrupt, it felt like the song started out of nowhere. The music gives off a Musical feel as if this song is a soundtrack of some broadway musical. The song is nice but the arrangement of the song seems a bit off. Where songs normally slowly climb to a climax, this song just throws a close-to-climax feel right at the beginning so even when we reach the climax (chorus) it’s hardly noticeable. The only normal in this song is the gradual anti-climax when it reaches the end. Overall, i’m not really feeling this song.


(Please refer to my previous post on IU)

I don’t like that person:

We get to hear the pure sound of the acoustic guitar with IU’s voice in this song. This type of song -yet again- confirms that IU is best sounding with songs that incorporate the acoustic guitar. If i wasn’t feeling the first song, i definitely like this song. This song is only a proof that  i like her best with this type of song. Her voice and vocal abilities truly shines with this style of music (so please stop experimenting). Not to mention that songs where she uses falsettos also makes her stand out.

I have to say i wasn’t feeling the first two songs but when i heard the last song, it makes me admire her talents again. Frankly speaking, even though IU has a beautiful voice, her voice is not the powerful or rough kind which is why she suits the style of raspy-voice-singing which naturally goes well with the acoustic guitar. Evidence of her having rise to popularity after her covers with her acoustic guitar cannot be denied.


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