Queen In Hyun’s Man: No Rooftop Prince

People are going to say “Isn’t this show a copy of Rooftop Prince?”. No, it’s not! Though i must say it was pretty brave of tvN to release this show while Rooftop Prince was still airing. Nevertheless, this show may have the same concept of the lead actor traveling into the future but it is a pretty different show, and once you have watched it, you won’t see much similarities in the show. For one, this show has a more serious note. Not to mention that the male lead can go back and forth from the past as and when he needs to (almost anyway).

Lead actor Ji Hyun Woo (Birth of the rich, Mr Idol) as Park Bung Do is one of my most favourite male actors. Sadly, he is too underrated and people don’t give him enough credit for his acting. Sure, he is not the most pretty boy on the block but the guy is manly and he can be charismatic at times. Yoo In Na (The greatest love, Secret Garden) plays the lead actress Choi Hee Jin. Yoo In Na is cute but not overly and with the right amount of sassiness which makes her suitable for this role. I didn’t think that this pairing would work, but they have this sweet chemistry that is seldom seen in kdrama. Finally no bickering to love or hating to love, but just sweet budding chemistry between each other.

A special feature of this drama has got to be it’s split screen especially when portraying two things happening at once. Frankly speaking, this drama is done in a rather artsy way as seen with it’s close ups and the way we get to see the scene from a few different perspective sometimes. Another thing to praise about this show is the way the advertisements are sectioned into the drama. Now that Korean dramas are starting to have advertisement breaks in their dramas like western dramas, this drama did a great job of using it to their advantage. The advertisement breaks become little cliffhangers during the show that give viewers a break to reflect (and toilet break) and to want more.

The main theme of the drama (traveling between time) itself is not uncommon, yet the show sets itself apart from other similar shows by weaving the two parts (Joseon Era and Modern era) seamlessly which makes us feel as if they are parallel worlds. As compared to Rooftop Prince where the Joseon Era was shown to set a background to the story, and we do not hear of it till perhaps when Lee Gak goes back to his time. Praise should be given to the cast of the Joseon Era in Queen In Hyun’s Man because it feels like the story itself could stand on it’s own. Even though the happenings of the modern time and Joseon time is quite segregated, thankfully, we do not feel as though it is two different dramas.

All in all, since episode 1, this drama has shown to be of potential. As of episode 6, i am still enjoying this drama. The two leads look so sweet together.


2 comments on “Queen In Hyun’s Man: No Rooftop Prince

  1. Great post, nice of you to spread the word for this wonderful show. As you said it, this show is pretty solid, thanks to a well structured script that knows how to keep both times- present and future- insteresting withouth one overshadowing the other. And the actors who give live to the amazing characthers of Boong-Do and Choi Jee Hin. People needs to start watching this, their chemistry is just to sweet. I’m in a cuteness overload watching this two.
    Have you seen episode 7? I’m watching raws with no understanding of korean. I just hope my sanity comes back at the end of the show.

    • Thanks! i hope this show receives more attention because it gets overshadowed by dramas that have more popular leads. I’m currently waiting for the subs of Episode 7 because even though i might understand the gist of the show, i want to watch it fully understanding the content =) trying to hold back watching it now hahas.

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