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King 2 Hearts: (spoiler)

I finally got down to watch this drama after i got down with the fever one of the days and had nothing else to do. Well, i would watch it eventually after all the good reviews it garnered. First of all, i  must say that the Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won pairing made me a bit hesitant. In my dramaland, Ha Ji Won belonged with Hyun Bin and Lee Seung Gi with Kang Ho Dong (HAHA, Strong Heart). Not to mention that Lee Seung Gi looks kind of young for Ha Ji Won.

However, all my doubts blew out the window after the first episode. Hyun Bin who? There was no way that Ha Ji Won could ever look younger suddenly, but her acting skills sure let her. Suddenly, the age gap between them didn’t seem to exist. I must say, that both leads have really good acting skills. Ha Ji Won, i have no doubt, but Lee Seung Gi’s skills seems to have improved quite a bit here (maybe also partly because he has such a good partner ar his opposite lead).

I love Hang Ah’s character: gentle and soft one minute and scary as a tigress the next. (Ha Ji Won did a good portrayal of the character’s different side very convincingly) The huge disparity (almost like having a split personality) is really quite hilarious at times. Jae Ha is also not such a hateable character even though he is willful and a jerk at times, deep down it feels like he is a nice guy who just doesn’t want to show his nice side. (which we start to see later on).

No matter how good the leads of a drama are, a good drama is not good without good secondary leads to support the leads. The secondary have their fair share of screen time and come in contact with the leads often enough. Even the bad guy of this show is hilarious. Yes, hilarious. His crazy acting skill (literally) is convincing enough and fun to watch.

The plot so far is great, It’s definitely something we haven’t seen before: North and South Korea unification attempt via the WOC and a marriage is the background of the plot. Ha Ji Won plays Hang Ah, the North Korean no.1 female fighter while Lee Seung Gi plays Jae Ha the brother of the King (and King after). The romance starts like many other in kdramaland where the couple bickers their way into loving each other. But alas, this romance is hindered not by 3rd parties but by their very nationality of being from the North and South Korea respectively. (Biggest obstacle i’ve seen in kdramaland of love) Lives are at stack most of the time and guns are a common sight in this drama.

The pace of this drama is well thought out giving us enough time to soak up any emotional or sentimental parts of the show. Another good thing about the plot is that the show doesn’t just focus on the romance and let us forget about the background story. It’s done such that anytime of the drama, it does not let us forget about the very important background story of the plot: i.e the tensions of North and South Korea. Some dramas have a tendency to slowly only focus on the romance aspect, forgetting the background setting in all it’s glory to proclaim how love is so beautiful. Each episode is balanced and never feels boring or rushed out.

Even though this drama has not finish, considering that it’s at it’s 14th episode and still keeping me wanting more, i think it’s fair enough to say that this is one of those good dramas that comes out every once in a while.


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