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A Pink: Une Annee 2012

The debut of these girls were at the right timing, and when most girl groups were either going for total cuteness or total sexiness, they were the sweet and lady-like girls (who were of course still cute). They won female rookie of the year in 2011 and that points out that the girls have been on the right track so far. Even though i liked them because of their debut song ‘I don’t know’ i must admit that, the fact that they came from Cube Entertainment made me actually listen to them initially. But it doesn’t change the fact that i only like groups that can hold their own during live performances, and these girls can sing (especially Eun Ji, those high notes are like a walk in the park for her).

Another favourite song of mine is ‘Wishlist’

I would have to say one of their appeals would be that they dress in the exact clothings very often. It makes them seem like one group than separated which i think does play a part in boosting their popularity. (Maybe guys like that? haha)

2012: A Pink is back with their MV ‘Hush’

The song is still a happy song (just a bit more mature) and true to their earlier sounds (still with same outfits!). Thankfully, even though A Pink still follows a similar concept, their songs do not sound repetitive which many kpop groups normally fall into. The song incorporates dub-step (seems like that’s the trend nowadays) mainly into it’s chorus.

*Because i saw a lot of people asking: Une Annee means ‘a year’ in French. Who would have thought my French would come in handy in kpop haha.


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