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INFINITE: potential

Infinite debut during the boom of boy band debuts in mid 2010. At that time, i was already busy with the more distinct bands like Big Bang, BEAST, etc, i’d hardly think i have the time to bother with the small-fry(s), just knowing who they were was enough for me. I must say that, if i had given them a chance during their debut song promotions, i would have liked them. The boys are good-looking, they can sing LIVE and dance (very well indeed) at the same time, what more can one ask for in a kpop boy band. Rather than say that their songs are very good -though they are good- i would say that their songs brings out their own individuality and distinct flavour of the group which is very important in the kpop scene if you want to survive in this dog-eat-dog industry. Not only their songs, but i have realised that in many of their MVs they always have a last part where they goof around. This is a good marketing strategy as it allows fans to see their idols’ real side and make fans feel like they get to know their idols more hence making them feel closer.

Their debut song was a good choice which would make most who listened to it their fans.

However, i think that it was Before the Dawn (BTD), their comeback song in 2011, that really propelled the band to it’s current status of being one of the more popular boy bands. The song is on the dark and emotional side but it allows the boys to showcase everything they have in this song. From their vocals to their ‘Scorpion dance’, everything fell into place for this song.

After their amazing comeback song, the boys brought a way of freshness with their song ‘Nothing’s Over’. The song has just the right amount of cutsy and happy without being too cheesy or typical, and with voices like theirs, they once again finished another successful promotion of this song.

At the same time, the band also debuted in Japan in 2011.

Other significant singles they release in 2011 were ‘Be Mine’ and ‘Paradise’.

In the beginning of 2012, the boys were busy with their individual schedules but before May 15 approaches, we are going to have to satisfy ourselves with their latest release of ‘Only Tears’ which was first performed during their concert in Korea.

Only Tears

For a ballad song, this song is pretty unique compared to most kpop ballads. That uniqueness probably comes mostly from the melody of the song itself. The tune doesn’t have the standard smooth flow of a ballad song, instead it is full of surprising ups and downs. Because of it’s uniqueness, it’s hard for me to say if it’s a good song or because i think this will depend on individuals’ taste. Nevertheless, the music is simple (mainly only guitar, piano) without any beats (which is quite rare for songs nowadays), making it really a song for relaxation.

All in all, i think Infinite is a bit underrated for all the talent they have (i would even go so far as to say they are definitely better than some of the more popular boy bands). Not to mention that with so many boy bands out there, to still be able to achieve a distinct sound with their music is a difficult feat as it it. I’m glad i finally sat down to properly listen to their songs because i am hooked. Looking forward to 15 May!


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