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SORT (special): playlist for the sick (3)


This week, i’ve decided to come up with a special playlist to listen to when you fall sick because i was sick (good position to be in for now? since it will be more acurate) since thursday (if you couldn’t tell by my not-so-good posts the past few days) and still am right now (with flu, cough, sore throat, urgh).

29 Apr – 6 May


Urban Zakapa – Cafe Latte

This is a song meant for relaxation because of the lightness of the overall song, it doesn’t give any extra headache even when listened through earphones. There are no heavy beats that dance tracks have that leave your head pounding after one too many listens. The soothing voices of the 4 singers and the simple instruments used in this song is the perfect song for anyone who wants to put a song on repeat while they take a nap.


IU – Peach

Her latest release for her upcoming album. Though this song may not be one of my favourites of hers, this song is unarguably the right song for this playlist. The overall sound is clean, and this song is just like a lullaby.


Infinite – Only Tears

This ballad is Infinite’s new release just before their new album. The whole song is soothing and doesn’t have a sudden climax that will jerk you from your nap.

Check out my review of Infinite (coming soon) which will also include a review of this song, for now, just listen to it.


BEAST – Lightless (unplugged version)

Why? Because it’s unplugged! With the unplugged version we can be sure there will be safe that there won’t be any unwanted head pounding riffs or music for that matter. This whole song is just guitar and some smaller percussion instruments and of course the boys’ amazing voices which becomes more soothing in this unplugged version.


Baek Ji Young feat. Gary – Voice

This new release came at the right time for me to write this article. I wanted to have something more than ballad for this playlist but was having difficulty finding a suitable faster than song without it being a dance track or something too ‘noisy’. This mid-tempo track is just right for relaxation yet enough to take your mind off any uncomfort with it’s soft beats but consistent rhythm. In this song, Baek Ji Young’s vocals and Gary’s rap weaved together nicely to give us a beautiful song like ‘Voice’


For the last song, i would like to recommend an album actually. The first thing i thought of when i had the fever, i was thinking of Tablo’s album Fever’s End. It is just such a apt name for this playlist to end with. There are two parts of the album so make sure to check both out.


Well, that’s all folks. Look out for next sunday’s update of my SORT.

Remember to go to my Recommend Me page if you have any good songs you want to share! Otherwise, you can always comment below. =)


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