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IU: finally, a hint of her real music

After so many of her agyeo-type songs, IU has finally gone back to square one (close enough at least). And i don’t mean it in a bad way. With her new single ‘Peach’, we can all finally get a glimpse of the ‘old’ IU. Accompanied by soft background music created by the glockenspiel, xylophone, triangle, guitar and the recorder(whcih may actually be played by her), the star of this song is finally her voice and not the whole agyeo facade (that i hate so much, urgh).

Well, it is known that IU has personally composed and produced this song which i feel deserves a big congratulations. Nevertheless, no matter how close this song is to her original style, it is not the best song i have heard from her. What this song lacks is a climax and direction(?). Sure, the song and her voice is sweet and easy on the ears, but that’s pretty much all there is to it. The style of this song is a dangerous one as it tends to stand on a thin line of ‘boring’ and ‘good’.(though this song does sit on the fence a little) Overall, this song just spells out ‘Lullaby’ to me. (something to hear when you’re sick perhaps?)

Having tampered in song writing before, i understand how hard it is to write a hit song (not to mention that i am around her age). Hence, i’m going to still have to praise her. Even with all the flaws it might have, the planning of the song is good enough. I’m hoping that there are other better songs on her album because this song alone is not enough to make me want to buy her album compared to her MIA (debut album).

With this release, we can be sure to see more and more of IU’s own musical style coming out. I’m sure that right from the beginning, her company wanted her to achieve commercial success before they start letting her release her own songs. (The method of being famous first to get fans and then when they are all under your spell, make them like your own music- you get what i mean).



P.S: sorry for the short artlcle again due to my fever working up again =(


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