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Seoul Sistar: Alone

I used to think Sistar was just another one of those girl groups that debuted at the same time when there was a wave of girl groups washing over the kpop scene.( i remembering hearing Push Push and Shady Girl somewhere while waiting for my favourite bands to perform on the weekly music programmes and just dismissing them altogether, i did wish i noticed their-at least Hyorin’s- vocals) I wasn’t going to put myself to torture by sieving through them to find actual talent if they didn’t pop up like 2NE1, after all, i’m a girl, i go for boys (or men). What made me take a second look at Sistar more carefully recently was my accidental new knowledge of Sistar’s Hyorin. (Why do i have a feeling that Sistar mostly appeals to female fans after their discovery of omg-so-talented-Hyorin?)

I finally pushed myself into watch their latest MV ‘Alone’ after seeing that they actually got 1st place on the Gaon Chart (something had to be working for that to happen). After hearing to their new single ‘Alone’ i can say that it has turned me into a fan (of this song anyway). I’ve heard most of their promoted singles before writing this article, but non of them made me go back to hearing it a second time except ‘Alone’ and ‘Ma boy’ (Sistar19)

Not only is this song catchy in all the right ways, but this is one of those songs that really made use of Hyorin’s vocal talent. Compared to their other live performances, live performances of ‘Alone’ seems to make them shine (in the right places).

Well, the truth is, as a girl, no matter how good they are live, i have difficulty watching their performances. Watching 4 girls shake their ass (with their asses showing) in front of me isn’t the most comforting thing to watch. Thank goodness for their longer dresses in ‘Alone’ live performances. Hopefully they will find other ways of being sexy in their future promotions.


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