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BtoB: The only boys you need to beat is not BEAST

Dear BtoB (or Cube DC), i have a question. How many fans’ comments does it take for you to realise that it is time to change the style (and sound) of your music if you want to make a splash.

Before i knew about BtoB in detail, when i first heard their song, the first thing i thought of was BEAST. Little did i know that, (to my surprise actually) they were BEAST label mates. I was surprised because i didn’t think Cube was stupid enough to try and recreate BEAST ver. 2 just because BEAST did so well in the kpop music scene. If BtoB was produced by some other company trying to beat BEAST, at least i would see the logic. “What the hell are you doing?” is what i’d like to ask them if i could.

First of all, (i’m talking to you CUBE entertainment) you let them debut at one of the worst time ever. What with super rookies like B.A.P and Exo debuting and releasing their music around the same time. Then you go do something stupid like giving them the same image as BEAST (without the Bad Girl phase and the recycled apples joke) which is like telling to the group to just swim in the pool of boy bands without making a splash. Once people hear their music, haters will hate.

Sure, your music is nice, but we can all imagine BEAST singing those songs, most likely even doing a better at it, so why would we need you guys to do it. The bottom line is, this music scene doesn’t need another BEAST. And i must say, 7 members isn’t that much a difference from 6 members. (i think you’ve got 1 too many member there)

The thing is, BtoB is actually talented both vocally and with raps just as BEAST is. Take a listen to their live (which is more than i can say for EXO, looking at you SMent).

The boys have once again released a new MV and single ‘Father’. Why. Why did you (DC Cube) use the same styled-MV as ‘The Fact’ MV by BEAST (and a bit of a 2am feel there too). The song is again (like ‘Imagine’ and ‘Insane) a good song, but there is no signature sound for BtoB yet again. Sure they will gain fans, but it will never match up to that of BEAST’s. Aside from that, this is quite the usual kind of kpop ballad – which i am not complaining about – if the people singing it can pull it off. The boys look really good looking, but when the whole MV is just eye candy with only one background i don’t really see a point in making a MV. Even though the boys kept as not-so-bored with their real-enough emotions (is this MV just a test of their abilities to show emotions?) during their close-ups, this is one song that can do without an MV.

I love a band with good vocals (who doesn’t), so i am still going to cut them some slack and hope Cube DC figures something out for them. Soon. (Otherwise it will be too late).


One comment on “BtoB: The only boys you need to beat is not BEAST

  1. Hi, I just hopped over to your website through StumbleUpon. Not somthing I might normally browse, but I appreciated your views none the less. Thank you for making something worth reading through.

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