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Aziatix: The korean group i never knew i was listening to,

OMG, i cannot believe that i have been listening to this group’s music (on the radio) without realising that they were koreans until today. I mean, if you just heard them on the radio, you would never have guessed they were Asians, much less Korean. Seriously, here i was listening to theirs song since 2011 never knowing.

Anyway, this group debuted with their first song ‘Go’ in March 2011. Here’s a acoustic version for you to check out their amazing vocals.

I must say that this is one of those groups that make me feel proud of being an Asian because they have received significant commercial success in the English music scene, at least in my country. And suddenly, i’m browsing through their songs on Youtube when i hear a super familiar song i have been listening to for a long time on my iTunes which happens to not have a group name attached to it. It’s ‘Slippin’ Away’. And suddenly, i really want to whack myself in the head. OMG! (using a lot of that in this article). I seriously never thought for a single second that this song was sung by A trio of Korean guys. (i’m seriously feeling mindf***ed) I guess their songs were good enough for me to not care about who the artists were, i was just enjoying the songs. Really. Even when i was listening to ‘Slippin’ Away’ somehow, i never felt curious as to try to remember who the artist was. (what the hell is wrong with me??)

Well, even though this trio are America-borned Koreans, two of them actually are linked to the kpop scene in some way. The rapper (stage name Flowsik or Park Dae Shik) collaborated with JYJ before and Eddie Shin has written songs for Kpop artists such as Lyn, Ivy and Wheesung. (how cool is that!)

Here’s another song i was familiar with:

Their music actually covers a few genres, a little of dance music, R&B and pop, and is pretty much keyed towards the english music scene.

Here’s their latest release:

The basis of this song is really club beats. It starts off with Flowshik’s rap. The chorus is a mix of pop and dance music. There isn’t any complicated riffs in this song. It’s just one of those Chris Brown’s styled songs where the music is repetitive and the song is really held up by the melodies and rapping. Well, that’s english music from the 21st century for you. There isn’t much to comment on. I much prefer their previous hits like ‘Go’ and ‘Slippin’ Away’.

They might not be as popular as their english music counterparts Far East Movement, but they sure have got the chops to strike it big internationally. And maybe it’s time for more Koreans to get exposed to the english music scene through their fellow Koreans.


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