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Taetiseo: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Taetiseo. No. Really?  The creation of the name is so amazingly simple that it renders many of us speechless. Taetiseo is SNSD’s new sub unit consisting none other than Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun (as their sub unit name explicitly suggests). First of all i have to say that for a sub unit, they sure released quite a few songs at a time, it felt like it was more than a mini album. Their voices matches each other well but well, as usual, Seohyun looks a bit out of place. (There’s just something about her as a performer i cant put my finger on, even though i grew to like her because of WGM.)

Track List:

1. Twinkle

2. Baby Steps

3. OMG

4. Library

5. Goodbye Hello

6. Lovesick

7. Checkmate


This song gives off the Moulin Rouge (a famous english movie) feel like the song ‘Lady marmalade’, which is a very nice song. Which means, this song ain’t bad at all. Especially when the singers can pull off this kind of style, it’s really not bad at all. However, aside from the style of music, there isn’t really anything else really special from this song. It’s not as catchy like SM songs normally are, which is not necessarily a bad thing because it could sound like old stuff. The MV: needless to say, the girls look gorgeous, even i can’t keep my eyes off them. The one thing i definitely got after watching the MV was concept-DIVA. Yup, every inch of the MV spells DIVA.

Baby Steps:

This song is actually a remake of the same titled song by a group called ‘Varsity’ but only in english. Needless to say, it’s very different from kpop since it was originally an english song-styled song. This remake is almost (if not totally) exactly the same as the original except it’s a female version. This song is great (obviously). I’m sorry to say but before i didn’t know about it being a remake i was wondering how did SM come up with such a nice simple song. This song is largely piano with percussion. The girls should also be given credit for doing a good job on this song. They really made it their own.

Here’s the original song

And the Taetiseo version


This song too has a cabaret feel, because of the trumpets and the style it’s being played in. We get a little glimpse of some kpop music when the beats are increased in the chorus. At the chorus, we also have a shrill from our ladies. (OMG alright, i thought my speakers would die) Here’s the funny thing, the music and style sounds something out of a cabaret musical, but the singing style is kpop. Let me let you ponder on that one.


Ok, what kind of title is ‘Library’ anyway. The lyrics actually has this phrase: “just the library”. What..What? Anyway, the song is actually quite nice. It’s actually too simple for SM. I liked the transition between the verse and the chorus – the guitar part, a simple yet effective way. However, even though i’m not sure about the exact lyrics, the lyrics seems a bit weird. Something tells me that they came up with the title first then had to fit the lyrics into the title.

Goodbye Hello:

The concept of this song is happy and light-hearted. This song however, sounds very much like a christmasy kind of song (can’t remember what style of music that is at the moment). So far, i think this is one of their better songs partly because it’s actually a very common but successful type of music in the english music scene. But it’s nice to hear it being used in the korean music scene.


This is a ballad song. I must say this feels like the kind of ballad song past SM artists used to sing. As a believer of learning from the past, i think creating a song inspired by precedents always do it for me. Especially, when it turns out like this song. This is one of the good ones.


Well, i had a feeling they won’t going to just end it with a ballad song now, would they. This song is one of those SM songs that felt like they just had to throw one faster paced song at the end so they just chose one out of their cannot-make-it-as-singles-song and just put it into the album. The musical concept in this song is shallow and doesn’t bring much to the table. And what’s with the percussion solo in the middle, it’s not like it’s the girls playing the percussion parts. Urgh, why did they put this song in.

Frankly speaking, i was a bit skeptical about this album, because i was never a fan of sub units. But this trio really sounds very good together (since they are the best 3 singers in SNSD.) I think at the beginning when i started listening to the whole album, the first few tracks didn’t really do it for me and i wanted to give up, but i’m glad i didn’t. The songs get better in the middle. Another good thing i like about this album is that SM tried to stray away from too typical kpop songs and explored with other genres. Not to mention, we finally get to hear the girls’ real voice without all the cutsy in it, and i must say, they sound really good.

How did you like this album? Or do your prefer when they are 9.


One comment on “Taetiseo: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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