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SORT : Songs On Repeat This week (2)


I’ve decided to have a special weekly post where i share what songs i was hooked on in no order.

23 Apr – 30 Apr:

Spica – Painkiller

This song starts of with some heavy piano accompanied by ad libs from Bo Ah. It reminds me of Rihanna songs Russian Roulette style. The music is actually very simple but the setting and emotion of this song is (i’m glad to say) largely rests on the vocals of the girls. In this case, accompanying music really is just accompaniment. This girls sure don’t need riffs to cover up for any lack of vocal talent. In terms of balance, i would go as far as to say that it is almost perfect. This is one song that i can find no fault with.


IU – Ugly Duckling

With a light acoustic song and IU’s light voice completing the sound, it’s a very relaxing song. Something you can just play when you are lazing around at home or just staring blankly into space. You won’t find any complicated riffs in this song, nope.



Check out my article on IU to read about this song.


U-Kiss – When Love Stops

What i love about this song is that it really brings me back to the good O’ days where songs were simple but delivered. I’m glad they followed some pointers of their precedents for this song.


U-Kiss – Doradora

U-Kiss new single. While it vaguely reminds me of SuperJunior, it’s still a pretty catchy song.


Park Jin Young feat. Ga In – Someone Else

I admit the song is nice, Ga In’s voice is great for this song too. Sure, i know JYP can sing but i’m not sure if i’m digging their voices in the same song. (And you forgot to say you were featuring a chipmunk). But still, this song deserves to be on repeat. The song itself is great.


B.A.P – Power

(all i can say is, how can this song not be here) Read my review of this song in my article on B.a.p’s new mini album

Well, that’s all folks. Look out for the next sunday’s update of my SORT.

Remember to go to my Recommend Me page if you have any good songs you want to share! Otherwise, you can always comment below. =)


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