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F.Cuz: Will they finally be in focus?

F.Cuz is a 4-member boy band that debut in 2010. However, their first single ‘Jiggy’ was not a commercial success. They were up against C.N. Blue and Z:ea during their promotions, and we all know how that turned out. C.N. Blue knocked them out with their new single ‘I’m a loner’ before anyone could say “Focus!” Now, they are finally back with their new mini-album: For Century Ultimate Zest and promoting the singe: ‘No. 1’.

First of all, up till now, i’m still confused about their name. Is the period suppose to be a microscopic ‘”O” so make the word “focus”? And well, For century ultimate zest isn’t the most pretty name either. Well, i’m not so sure if a group’s name has a lot of connection with how popular they become, but if you think about how kpop is becoming pretty international, i think names becomes just that bit more important. Sure, if your first language is not english and a korean boy band has some english name, you might not think much of it. But not for people whose first language is english. As my first language is english, i tend to be a bit more picky about english names, which i am sure applies to many others out there, and i think having a proper name that makes sense to english-speaking people is so important if you’re going to promote internationally. It just makes us more comfortable talking about that group. Ok, on to the songs.

Track list:

1. No.1

2. Answer the phone

3. Janus

4. Rise up

5. Be good to me when we’re together


First of all, the MV is them dancing plus a girl slashing her way through baddies to rescue them. Well, i’m quite a feminist so i don’t mind strong girl vs. weak guys but i think they could have use a different plot, and it get’s kind of boring after she rescues the first 2 guys. The choreography is good and i especially love the dance break where they use the concept of just outlining their suits with light strips and i’m thinking the inspiration came from the Tecktonik dance where they use the glow sticks in the dark. Even the music is similar (if not the same)as the kind of music that tecktonik is usually danced to. (check this out to find out more about Techtonik dance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f73-cze_3fQ)

As for the song, i personally think it’s not arranged very nicely. The intro rap does not flow into the singing part, it’s like two different songs. I personally think that they should either use the first part and create a new song and then make the singing parts all into a different song. Trying to join those two different type of beats together is a bit of a stretch. At least the transition between the dance break and the song is a bit more decent, but it still sounds like a different song. Not to mention, without the intro rap and the music of the dance break, the whole song is. Just. Another. Kpop. Song. It’s the kind of music we’ve listened to a thousand times already. I’m sorry, but this was a hit-and-miss for me.

Answer the phone:

This is a more light-hearted song. I really like the intro of this song, it sounds like the harp but using the organ to play out the harp sound (I used to play the harp for awhile so i’m pretty sure they didn’t use the harp). Up till the verse, i’m liking what i hear, but as much as i like the intro part it doesn’t seem as nice when they used it in the chorus. It’s too whiny? The rap part is pretty good, we all know Jin On is actually a decent rapper. All in all, i definitely prefer this song over the promoted single. It’s simple but at least the transition makes sense and it sounds like every part belongs to this song.


Here we have a more angsty song. First of all, i’m sorry but what the hell is with the title? Is it suppose to be english? As nice as this song may be as it has already capture the hearts of fans more than “No.1”, it’s still an awkward song. The flow of the song is a bit odd, it’s almost as if the transition between the different parts of the song is too short. With a bit of refining, this song could actually turn into a better hit than No.1. Too bad they stopped shot.

Rise up:

This song starts off with acoustic guitar strumming and then transits into electro music (go figure). This song is actually also better than their single. The transitions are good enough, the whole thing strings together nicely musically. This is probably the song i most approve of  so far.

Be good to  me when we’re together:

This song is a remake of their japanese single ‘LuvHolic’. This much have been a decent hit in Japan for them to remake it. True, this song is probably a lot smoother than some of the other songs but it is a typical kpop-formulated song, so i’m not loving it.

I actually thought that their debut single ‘Jiggy’ wasn’t that bad, i think it was just a matter of bad timing. Not to mention that at that time C.N.Blue had brought something so different to the kpop scene that everyone just jumped on to their wagon. Today, they released their new album and MV in direct competition with new Powerful rookie group B.A.P, i’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do but we’ll see. I hope it works out for this group, but hoping won’t get them anywhere, it’s up to them to convince us with their upcoming live performances. Good luck!


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