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U-Kiss: Doradora

I’m not that much of a fan of U-Kiss but i saw that they just released their 6th mini-album today. Well, i haven’t really listened to them much and i have to admit that the only thing that i know about them is their maknae (youngest member) Dong Ho for his appearance in Idol Maknae Rebellion, so i didn’t really know what to expect. However, the moment i played Doradora, the initial thought that floated through my mind was: SuperJunior. (i might say bonamana, you might even be able to imagine Siwon singing some parts). The opening is done in a mono-tone, robotic way (Siwon-style) and the next section still sounds like SuperJunior. The song only deviates from “Superjunior-style” during the pre-chorus and chorus.

Well, i’m not saying that the song won’t be popular. It might still be a hit, i’m just saying that as more and more groups pop up in the music scene, netizens are bound to scrutinize every little piece of music served up to them. And lately, fans have become even more picky about the songs they hear. They are gonna be thrown comments of their latest single sounding like SuperJunior, and some comments are not going to be pretty. I’m just saying that they should be prepared as i’ve already seen comments that agree that the song does remind one of SuperJunior.

On a side note, one of their songs is actually composed by Jay Park. Which is more of a happy 90s pop song. It’s something i can imagine what boy bands used to sing. It brings old “kpoppers” (like me) back to the old days.

The next song from their mini album is a slower song: When Love stops. It’s actually quite a nice song. It’s actually not a very current-kpop-ish song, if you get what i mean, which is good because it’s something different (it’s actually also something i can imagine past korean boy bands singing). I think most fan have already fallen in love with this song.

On top of that, there’s also a track co-produced by one of the members AJ: Amazing (the song title). This song is quite similar to their usual style. Very much like electro-music which can be seen in their previous songs like Man Man Ha Ni and Bingeul Bingeul.

Frankly speaking, after listening to the whole album, even though on its own each song stands out but i feel like there’s a lack of direction in the music and the flow of the track list (another way of reading the track list is like they are mixing ‘new’ and ‘old’ kind of kpop together). It’s like there’s a bit of everything and they all try to fight for the spotlight. It’s almost as if U-kiss is unsure of their own style (or am i reading too much into it). Well, that’s just my opinion.

What do you think?


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