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IU: Why i never really got along with her.

I decided to write this article because i chanced upon a post on best debuts and happen to saw IU’s debut album (which i never knew about, sorry). After listening to it, this is what i have to say:

The fact that IU is a great singer has long been established in the kpop scene. Even though i always said that i really love idols with real singing ability, somehow the time for IU to leave her mark on me passed and doesn’t seem to be coming back. I first knew of her through her brilliant covers of famous songs like “Gee”, “Lies” and “Sorry sorry”. That was probably the start of her big break. I myself play a bit of the acoustic guitar so i really appreciate a good acoustic cover. Like everyone else, i fell in love with her and her covers, she was ready to be a big part of my life, or so i thought.

Soon after those amazing covers done on YHY’s Sketchbook, she released a new album. (Now this was back in 2009). As a fan of her covers, i couldn’t wait for her album. But. Much to my dismay (horror actually), she released “Boo” and sometime after “Marshmallow”. OMG is all i can say. Till now, i can’t even stand listening to either of the songs without cringing. If you couldn’t tell from my previous posts, i once again would like to establish: i dislike ageyo songs. The most i can take is probably “Gee” from SNSD (can’t deny that it’s catchy).

I must say even though i stopped listening to her totally because i guess i could never get the image of Marshmallow out of m y head (the irony), a chance for me to get hook on her came from her first drama Dream High. The her in the sushi suit singing, i was blown away (again). There’s the reason for me to dislike it- it’s got acoustic guitar songs and she isn’t singing in an ageyo way, what’s there not to like. Here’s the song below, called Someday:

Ah~~~ her voice is so nice even without the music. Anyways, after finally listening to her debut album, i guess i understand why she had to go down the cutsy path initially. Her first album was actually quite good for a 15 year old, but i guess it didn’t really match her maturity back then. I’m glad that she seems to be slowly shifting away from cutsy song (Good Day). Maybe now is the time for her fans to look back to her 1st album now that her maturity has caught up with the maturity of her first album. Take a listen to her debut song (feat Thunder from Mblaq in her MV). I think for people who only knew her after Boo and Marshmallow will be in for a huge surprise. The MV is so dark and twisted that it is a huge contrast from her cutsy image, but it definitely makes me respect her more than with ageyo-packed songs.


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