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Spica: is actually a star’s name. (I see what you did there…)

Ok, because of my kpop hiatus, i suppose i have missed a few debuts of this year’s rookie groups. Thankfully, i happened to catch 120420 Music Bank and i happen to chance upon Spica. Firstly, i still don’t really know how to go about pronouncing their name. “Spea-ker? Spea-ca? Wha.What??” Cat got my tongue. Anyway, the first thing i noticed were… (a pink-haired girl actually) their vocals, naturally. Since i am a vocal admirer (if there’s such a thing). They vocals were stable and well, the overall feel was solid. My next observation was “Hey, they actually don’t look alike”. Yes, you can actually tell them apart immediately. Thank goodness for that. That’s one of the problems most kpop groups have, they all look kind of alike and you actually have to make an effort to differentiate them. On to the review:

First complain about their first song is actually their MV where Lee Hyori is seen literally throughout the whole MV (though i did liked the way they filmed some parts as if it was taken in one shot- too bad they didn’t do it for the whole MV). Oh, i didn’t know i was watching a behind the scenes fashion shoot with Lee Hyori. Oops. I clicked on the video. Not. Here, enjoy this all you fanboys.

I guess it was actually quite smart to use Lee Hyori as bait to attract attention to this rookie group. I see what you did there B2M entertainment.

Aside from that, another significantly different  thing about this group is that they actually debuted without your usual cute-girl-happy-song. There’s your hint of them standing out amongst the other rookie girl groups. I quite like the beginning, but i think the chorus has too much going on. What i mean is, that i can hear too many voices? I guess it’s good that they don’t sound alike meaning they each have a unique voice, but i’m not sure if the chorus was done the right way.

Next is Russian Roulette:

I quite liked Russian Roulette. Thank goodness that this was their actual first single. Not to mention that the cover photo for this is better than their first where they were portrayed to be demure and what not. However, it’s not as catchy as the latest song that they are promoting: Painkiller. Check out their awesome live below.

It starts of with a piano riff with ad libs by Bo Ah. The feel of the song actually gives off a Rihanna feel. Very smooth kind of singing done for the chorus where it feels very continuous, not to mention the super catchy part where they sing “killer’ who knows how many times. The MV is significantly better than the previous two in my opinion. I may be particularly more bias towards this group because i like their style of music (and they can actually rap). Frankly speaking, for girl groups to gain both female and male fans, i don’t think they should do too much agyeo. As a female fan of a girl group, i become a fan because i admire them either for their abilities or image. i hardly think a girl would admire another girl because she is cute. Girl groups should not just aim to gather male fans. Look at 2NE1, they are probably one of the girl groups who actually have as many female fans as a boy band would have.

All in all, this is one girl group i will be following.

Check out their profiles on Sumandu (link —->)

What do you think?


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