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BEAST: Why recycling is good.

From recycled apples to super idols, BEAST is a group that has gone through many hardships to get to where they are today. I admit that they are one of my current favourites after DBSK (as 5) left the scene, and who can blame me. Even with their incredible dance choreography, the group still delivers vocally. They might not be the most good-looking group of boys, but they each have their own charm. I would say that their popularity shot up when they promoted the single from their 2nd mini album: ‘SHOCK’. Check out their amazing vocals and dance below.

I am not usually a fan girl, i would rather admire from far. But not with BEAST. Heck, i even went to their Beautiful Show concert recently, and that means a lot from me. And i can tell you that they were amazing. Half the time i ask myself if i’m actually listening to their CD. They, are that good. My favourite member always happens to be the lead singer, probably because i can appreciate a talented vocalist more than a dancer. Yoseob is an incredible singer. I normally love lower voices like Kyu Hyun’s (Superjunior) voice, but there is just something about Yoseob’s singing that captivates me, and his voice is not exactly low, that shows how much of a great singer i deem him to be.

A brief summary of each member’s history that made them the ‘recycled group’:

Doo Joon (leader): he almost debut as a member of 2PM but got eliminated on television in the last round.

Hyun Seung: he too almost debut as a member of Big Bang.

Jun Hyung: he was previously in a band called Xing

Ki Kwang: he debut under the name of AJ

Yoseob: he got rejected by many companies

Dong Woon: he too almost debut as a member of 2Pm.

The best way to access a group’s vocal talent: Ballad

Of course, their success must also be attributed to the songs they get. But i must say, most of the raps are written by Jun Hyung. Up to this day, he has even composed a couple of songs on their albums. Hyun Seung is also a member of the super amazing prepix dance group, which explains their unique dance choreographies.

After talking to a few BEAST fans, i realise we all share the same ideas as to why we like them. They are still down-to-earth even after achieving commercial success in the entertainment industry, they are hard-working-dols, and they are unlike other successful groups who have experienced success right from the beginning (ahem SM). I guess being ‘recycled’ isn’t always bad. Look at how good they were from their debut, partly because most of them had some sort of exposure to live performances i suppose.

Give them a chance and i promise they won’t disappoint. Don’t say i didn’t tell you if one day you suddenly start to like them and end up thinking to yourself ‘what have i been missing out all this while!’


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