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DBSK: Not 2 but 5

Dong Bang Shin Ki easily known as DBSK(Korean) or TVXQ(Chinese) or Tohoshinki(Japanese) and if you don’t already know, their name actually translate to ‘The Rising Gods of the East’.  First of all, just seeing that they have 3 different names, albeit not being that different from each other, you should be able to imagine them being popular enough in those countries that people actually come up with names in their own language. Of course, they are actually more famous than just 3 countries. But i probably won’t go so far as to call them international stars because during their era, the Hallyu wave was only starting to rear its head which makes me think that most would have missed out on them unless you were into kpop since 2006. Nevertheless, did i mention that they once broke the record in 2008 for having the most number of official fans in their fan club (Cassiopeia), and what about their unofficial fans(myself)? And that’s The Fact.

There is just so much about this group that i have difficulty settling my thoughts to write this post. First of all, i only got into them roughly during their Japan promotions and before “Purple Line” which was probably around 2007. But that didn’t stop me from hunting down all their previous music, after listening carefully to their singing, most would. I can confidently say that i have heard every single of theirs and watched every MV. (This is probably a good time to make a disclaimer: I am purely writing this article because of my love for their talent and i want to share their songs with you).

They started out as a pop boy band cum acapella group. That was quite a rarity no matter in which country’s entertainment industry. Instead of me writing words about their vocal (and dance in Junsu’s and Yunho case) talent, let their singing do the ‘talking’. Here’s a clip of their live acapella during one of their concerts.

Okay, so maybe you’re not an acapella fan, how about ballad?

Might i add that THIS VERY LIVE is what most fans (including me) have acknowledged as one of their best lives. The emotion and heart they put into singing this is hard to see in most idol boy bands. No matter how talented i think BEAST is, this live performance put me to tears. I consider myself an old timer of kpop after 6 years of full-on kpop, and back in 2006 they were the best.

Because of their amazing popularity in Japan, they are probably one of the few foreign bands that have released that many japanese songs. They have broken so many records of a foreign band topping countless number of Japanese Music Charts namely the Oricon chart (a super famous music chart in Japan). Actually, one of my all time favourite song from them is actually this Japanese Song:

If you are into faster paced songs, you can check out famous singles like ‘Rising Sun’, ‘Purple Line’ and ‘Mirotic’.

Another thing newer kpop fans might not know is that, it was around the peak of DBSK that lipsyncing on music programmes gradually became ‘demolished’. DBSK was one of the more prominent groups to set the standards for this new generation of idols in the sense that you needed to be able to dance and sing live perfectly if not decently.

After all is said and done, when i look at the present DBSK -or what is left of it- an old fan like me can’t help but sigh and reminisce the old times when there was 5 not 2. No matter how other fans may argue and say otherwise. No one can deny without guilt that the 2 without the 3 is now and will be always incomplete. I really wished that SM changed their name instead. Using the same name when more than half the band is gone is just not letting go of the past and not allowing Changmin and Yunho to move on as a new duo. On the other hand, even though i was skeptical about JYJ when their collaboration with Kanye West stood out for all the wrong reasons, i’m glad that they are reverting back to their original music roots and moving on.

Most of us have given up on any reuniting but their fan base is still as strong, seeing that JYJ and DBSK came out at the top during their album releases. I have turned my attention to other groups but will forever the good old times of

DBSK: before, there was 5.

Disclaimer: Forgive me if i have miswritten anything for i am purely writing from memory.


One comment on “DBSK: Not 2 but 5

  1. Agree with you DBSK should be 5 not 2, in miss something with the DBSK2, I still like them but I must say I rather JYJ over Homin…

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