To Younha: “i am listening”

Since my review of Supersonic, i have made it no secret how much i love Younha and her music. Nevertheless, she is pretty underrated in the kpop music scene because it’s called kPOP for a reason. Though i won’t go so far as to call her music indie-style, her music certainly does not merely fall […]

EXO finally comes back with Hugs & Kisses!

The wait is finally over (since about 2 weeks ago)!!! All eyes on these boys-turn-wolves after their teaser was released as fans and curious people like me counted down to their MV release and comeback performances. Let’s not forget about the tree of life… Before I start on the album, I would like to claim […]

Lee Hi: What this young singer has to sing about…

Let me see… i can’t put my finger on when i actually found out about Lee Hi. I think i was first introduced to SuPearls and Kpop Star and somewhere along the article i read that the runner-up Ha Yi signed with YG (and SuPearls minus one). The next thing i remember was singing along […]

SuperJunior M with “Break Down”

The next big thing after ‘Super Girl’ is ‘Break Down’, and SM is finally doing it right again. Well, maybe not with the box. To make the introduction short: people, meet SM’s dance box; box, meet people. With that out of the way, let’s get to breaking down the song. When i listen to songs […]

tvN: Shut Up Flower Boy Band

phew… it’s been ages since i actually completed a post decent enough to post, what with all that school load. The drafts are piling up. It’s been a long time since i had the time (and privilege) to just lie on my couch the WHOLE DAY doing nothing but moving my fingers (and going to […]

tvN: Answer Me 1997

tvN is on the row, having lately produced great shows after great shows. When I thought their previous show Queen In-Hyeon’s Man did a lot for me, Answer Me 1997 started climbing the charts like crazy. Though it took me awhile to finally sit down with this drama (what with my hectic schedule!)it took just […]

D-Unit: debuts with ‘I’m missing you’

One of the anticipated hip-hop girl groups of this year has finally hit the stage as they release their first track and MV titled ‘I’m missing you’. The groups consists of 3 members Wooram (T-ara’s Boram’s sister), Ujin and Soojin. As announced earlier on that this groups wants to follow a hip-hop style and concept […]

BEAST: gives us a ‘Beautiful Night’

First off, I have to apologize for being inactive for about a week now. I had a camp outside of my laptop and though I tried to keep updated on Kpop affairs, they proved to be a bit out of reach. Now that I’m back, the first thing I want to write about is none […]

Younha: ‘Run’s to my heart

Younha is finally back with her latest album Supersonic and i am happy beside myself. The girl is truly one of the geniuses in this industry that i respect and admire. Her latest MV comes in two different versions: coloured & black-white The MV is pretty artsy as the main theme of it is ‘running […]

Sistar: is ‘Loving U’

Following the success of their previous title track ‘Alone’, the girls are back with ‘Loving U’. With this round of promotions, it looks like the girls are surely ready to stand on the same level as the likes of girl groups like T-ara. In accordance with the season of summer, the girls show us a […]

f(x): Electric Shock + MV

First of all, this is a rare time where i listened to the official audio before i get to see the MV. It doesn’t really changes how well i access the song, but i guess it changes my perception of the song unconsciously. I’m sure there have been times when you like to listen to […]

Cross Gene: La-Di Da-Di

Newest boy band to land on plant kpop is Cross Gene. Since the announcement of this boy band, 3 words have always accompanied their headlines. Korean. Chinese. Japanese. This is one of the first kpop group to have members of 3 nationalities. So far, SM has debuted a few chinese artists, but i think it’s […]

Queen In-Hyun’s Man: Ep 7 – 13 (spoiler)

Since episode 7, the drama has progress steadily and things have gotten interesting again. At one point of time, memories were lost and some replaced, and we were horrified to think that our love birds would never meet again. Thankfully, we didn’t have to sit through too long for another one of those (almost) horrible […]

Big Bang: are ‘Monster’s

And… the long awaited ‘Monster’ after all the teasers. The intro the MV looks like a footage of an online RPG shooting game when gamers change the viewing settings to make it as if they were in the game. I’m guessing that we were looking through the eyes of a ‘Monster’ (or the Big Bang […]

M.I.B: Only Hard For Me

I think they meant “only difficult for me”? M.I.B is another band of artiste from the entertainment company that brought us Leessang, Tiger JK and Tasha (Yoon Mirae) consisiting of 4 members. This group debuted last year to ok success. Partly due to their music not being very mainstream, the group, even though talented, might […]

INFINITE – The Chaser Review (MV, song and live performances)

First of all, i just need to say: “I’m finally back!” I was actually away from the internet for a whole week and while i was in some jungle, i was already getting my heart and mind ready to review this, so let’s get it on! Ok, so i just listened to it today (the […]

Exo-K MAMA album review (without SM)

It’s probably a little late to do this review but seeing as I did one for B.A.P and they are one of the most popular boy bands, I figured I should do one for MAMA too ( It’s not too late if they are still promoting their first single right?) Anyway, on another note, i […]

Clash of the rookies: EXO-K vs B.A.P

This weekend has almost passed and we have witness the inevitable clash of the two most popular rookie boy bands: B.A.P and Exo-K. Since, EXO-K debuted, there have been non-stop comparisons between the two boy bands who have made a significant splash in the kpop music scene. In this article, i am going to discuss […]

SORT: Songs On Repeat This week

Hello~~ I’ve decided to have a special weekly post where i share what songs i was hooked on in no order. 15 Apr – 22 Apr: Exo k – MAMA The first single of Exo – k differs from other songs because it has a georgian chant (thingy) at the beginning and not to mention […]

BEAST: Why recycling is good.

From recycled apples to super idols, BEAST is a group that has gone through many hardships to get to where they are today. I admit that they are one of my current favourites after DBSK (as 5) left the scene, and who can blame me. Even with their incredible dance choreography, the group still delivers […]

DBSK: Not 2 but 5

Dong Bang Shin Ki easily known as DBSK(Korean) or TVXQ(Chinese) or Tohoshinki(Japanese) and if you don’t already know, their name actually translate to ‘The Rising Gods of the East’.  First of all, just seeing that they have 3 different names, albeit not being that different from each other, you should be able to imagine them […]